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Learning guitar is like a dream for almost all the youngsters. No matter you are fond of music or not, you have at least once wished that you could also play your favorite songs on the Guitar. However, frankly speaking, learning a guitar is boring process and you need to spend your precious time if you are really willing to play the guitar. What if, you could find a way to play your favorite songs without being stuck to the traditional lengthy process of guitar learning? Yes! You heard it right. There is a lot simpler and easier way to learn playing the songs of your choice on guitar without going through the lengthy process of guitar learning. The way we are talking about, is a very useful app in the appstore named as the Coach Guitar chords tuner tabs.

Unlike the other guitar learning apps available in the appstore, this app is really helpful for the beginners who are looking for a fast-track course to play their fav songs on guitar. The thing that makes it better than the similar guitar learning apps available in the store, is its simplicity. The app’s interface is designed especially for the beginners and in case you are looking for an app that can help you learn the guitar from the basics, this app will be a savior for you.

You can easily search for the songs you want to learn to play on a guitar, and learn step by step procedure to play the song flawlessly. And this way, you can learn the song faster than any guitar coaching and any other app. Moreover, the app offers a few paid add-ons that are worth looking at for more aggressive learners.

To be more precise, below are the pros and the cons of the Coach Guitar chords tuner tabs app that you must know before trying your hands on.

1. Extremely easy interface
2. Great for the beginners, as well as the masters who are willing to play a specific song on guitar.
3. You can select the levels to get good response from the app.
4. Step-to-step visual training to make you feel more comfortable.
5. The app lets you record your songs so that you can easily share it with your friends and know whether they liked it, or not.

1. Not many options for the advanced guitar players.

Apart from this, we couldn’t find much to complain about. Even though there are only a few options for the advanced guitar players, the feature to choose the song makes it a great app to have for all guitar lovers. So, we will suggest that if you have any affection towards the guitar, you should once try this app.

In all, if you were looking for an app that can help you learn playing real songs on guitar and share your clippings with your friends, then we would highly recommend you to try Coach Guitar chords tuner tabs once. Believe us, you won’t be disappointed with the performance and usability of the app, and if you are willing to get more from the app, you can always look for their paid add-ons.

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