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It is a community of efficacious coders who have fun challenging their skills by solving hard puzzles with real code. They also stand as a community site where coders exhibit their skills and solve problems posted by companies.

This site provider has good concept of showing problems posted by the members of the community so that solution is arrived in haste time. You can also avoid copying and paste work for a source code in order to develop any site work.

The site gives pave way to solve the puzzles and problems submitted by other coders who really want to see their capability of co-workers. In general there is many ways to find solution for a problem in coding so knowing several ways of finding solution gives ample knowledge to enrich coding skills. You can register free and join the action as long as you have Facebook, Google or Yahoo accounts.

Quick Review of

  1. A Community for Coders.
  2. Gives pave way to solve the puzzles and problems submitted by other coders.
  3. Will this site provide good fortune for learners?

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  1. Mark

    Nice find though I don’t think my coding skills are up to scratch as with only knowing HTML and CSS. Have you tried it? and if you have do you think it’s a good learning resource for coders who are new?

  2. drewex

    Wow this is a great resource.. I’m enjoying it.. good article


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