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Colorcube is basically a term used to refer to a board and puzzle game for iPhone and iPad users where as a player you are meant to rotate and blend colors in the challenging puzzler. It is equipped with over two hundred puzzles with 5 challenging levels, all of which are manually crafted for use by a player. The player is simply required to choose the right color and turn to a required position. You also do not need to worry about the language used as it is localized to a variety of more than 30 languages!


If you are a fan of 3-Dimension board and puzzle games, then you can most definitely get the most out of Colorcube in terms of being able to choose appropriate colors for blending, and matching shapes while at the same time enjoying the play. It also comes equipped with a number of other great features such as;
– A wide variety of shapes and colors to choose from: In this game, you will have a variety of color and shape options that you can be able to choose from in gameplay for adjustment to the right position such that you can be able to complete certain levels.
– Plenty of tricky challenges to play: Whether you want just a simple game or a tricky game, you will easily be able to find a variety of levels in the game, handmade puzzles as well as color schemes to choose from until you manage to complete a level.
– Localized language support: You do not have to worry about the language used in the game, even if English is not your first language, as you will most likely land on your favorite language from the over 30 languages support.
– Easy accessibility: Whether you are good in colors or have a color deficiency, you do not have to worry during gameplay as you will be equipped with a range of color schemes that can counter the color issue.

How it Works

During gameplay in Colorcube, you will be required to choose the right or most appropriate puzzle pieces of the cube and rotate them to the right position, where only the overlapping colors are able to successfully blend, which enables you to complete a level. You will get five complex levels from the 200 puzzles in total that have to encounter so that you can complete the game, where each requires careful calculations and moves. You can only be able to complete a level when the colors all blend.


– Equipped support for gameplay, especially for those with color deficiency.
– Language support for as many as 33 languages, and therefore can be played in many places globally.
– Does not occupy much of the phone storage, and hence easy to install and run.
– Very cheap


– Only supported in iPhone/iOS devices
– Can only be played by the latest iOS devices such as iOS 9
– Doubts on the game as it is a very recent app.


Despite being released recently, Colorcube is generally an awesome game and one of the best for board and puzzle game fans, as it gives a wide range of game modes and puzzles that you can play, to ensure good game enjoyment. What is more, the game is very cheap and easily compatible with a variety of iPhone or iPad devices. It is however only supported on iOS 9.0 or later. Try it today for the best puzzle gaming experience!

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