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Thinking out of the box sometimes brings out amazing things but what does happen when something amazing happens within the box? The box is given priority in the new app on iTunes, named LifeBox. It is an app that will keep you entertained and will provide you all sorts of amazing viewing experience that you have never expected. The game starts with a bunch of assorted boxes. The boxes can be of four different colors and a total variety of 15 sets are available. The boxes come with a stick figure in some mode of action. When you arrange the boxes in any order they will form a sequence and something amusing may come out of it. Just see how many combinations you can make with the colorful and black boxes and enjoy the view.
LifeBox, presented by Daisuke Sonobe, brings your imaginations to life. The figures come to life once you arrange them and you can use your own creativity to give them any dimension. You can save a screenshot if you like it extremely and then you can use the picture as your iDevice wallpaper. It will be unique and fun and you can be sure that people will be attracted towards it for sure. It is quite easy to operate the app and it is going to give new life to your mobile.


•    LifeBox is an interesting app with stick figures and it can be arranged in different orders to create sequences.
•    You can create as many scenes as you like with the app and see how the stick figures react in each case.
•    There are four colors to choose from in the app. You can choose white, red, yellow and green.
•    There are 15 sets of figures in different colors.
•    There is no restriction of arrangements in the game.
•    You can move a box on both the sides. You can swipe the boxes up and down and change position.
•    You just need to long tap on the box to add or delete it.
•    If you are about to add a box from the other available boxes you just need to tap on the cart option and select the box that you want to add.
•    If you like a scene you can just take screenshot of the same and put it as your wallpaper.
•    Just choose wallpaper from the photos and your job is done.
•    You can even share your creativity with the world.
•    The app version 2.0 is available for free.
•    The app requires iOS 7.0 or later and it takes around 349 Mb space on your device.

Summary: LifeBox is an app of stick figures which needs to be arranged according to the wish of the user and different stories will be created by it.
Good: The concept of the app is quite innovative and the scenes that are created are often going to amuse you.

Bad: The requirement of space is quite high and many people avoid downloading such a heavy app.

Worth Having Application –  Download the App


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