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With a striking resemblance to both Asteroids and Angry birds, Comet Clash is a brand new iPhone game that is not only exciting but also very engaging that will undeniably get you hooked for a very long time. Concocted with a much simpler design and high end graphics, Comet Clash is undeniably taking the gaming experience to a whole new level. As brainchild of Shortcut 2 Success, Comet Clash is free for download and can be found in iTunes.

This brand new game features 3 game modes with the levels game mode testing your set of skills thus allowing you to become a much better player while the timed game mode allows the player to match as much planets as he or she can before the clock winds down. For the endless game mode, the player is expected to dash, swipe and crush without any limitation whatsoever and in turn collecting as many tokens as he or she can.

As the space station commander, you will be expected to lead your defense against all the incoming comets. Your main mission is to destroy all the incoming comets that are coming towards earth before they get to hit it. In addition, the user is expected to decide on when to fire the missiles, how to use the missiles and when to shoot the missiles. In Comet Clash timing is everything because you are expected to not only save planet earth but also its entire population. During the game-play, you will be expected to make some very quick and critical decision. In some instances, you will be expected to sacrifice some lives so as to save a much larger population.

By employing the use of very unique retro graphics and an ultra-cool design, the creators of the game were able to come up with an aesthetically powerful game that is exceedingly addictive. Comet Clash also features some in app purchases where the user can be able to purchase various power ups such an Erath shield, space station and additional ammo. By using these power ups one can be able to level them with the credits that one gains from playing the game over a long period of time thus beating various achievements.

Comet Clash has also been engineered with another outstanding feature. This exciting feature allows users to not only share with family and friends but to also compare results, scores and achievements. Needless to say the sound effects and the music selection will definitely ensure that you are fully engaged and entertained at all times while playing the game. As a modern twist, Comet Clash is indeed a fun way to test and challenge an individual’s strategic skills, timing and reflexes.

If you are looking for an iPhone game that will allow you to put your reflexes on the test, while enjoying a series of high end graphics then Comet Clash might just be what you are looking for. If you were a fan of angry birds or Asteroids then head over to iTunes and download comet clash for free.

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