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Comics collection was on the rise during the 90s and there was a slight decline in them during the later part of 1997 due to a variety of reasons. However, the internet has rejuvenated the popularity of comics after 2000 and movies like Hulk, X-men series based on comics series are also partly responsible for the new found surge in interest over comics. The new age Pannapictagraphists are opting to find new ways to collect and share their collection of comics over the internet. The Popularity of social networking sites have brought in new avenue to share your hobby and double the fun of collecting comics. Comic collector connect is an exciting application to all Pannapictagraphists and would-be Pannapictagraphists. The application allows one to make your own database of comics and share it over the internet and social networking sites with your friends. The application is handy and is an anytime anywhere application as it is a web application which is also available for mobile phones. Viewing collection as thumbnails or with details can be manipulated to suit your screen size and the device used for viewing.

I found adding comics to make your own collection is made possible in easy steps. One can chose to access the connect database by title or barcode to add a comic to your collection or wish list with all the attributes imported with it. If you choose to add a comic to the collection manually, one has to enter all the attributes like cast, crew, collection status, format, genre etc. I found importing from database was easy and further it also allows one to customize the attributes the way we want after adding it to the collection. One can even add his own customized image as a front cover of a comic. The attributes not only increase the fun value of sharing but also the way one can index their collection. Thus, searching a large collection is made easy. Indexing the collection in alphabetical order through a fixed tool bar also helps in managing large collection.

I enjoy the statistics visual of the comic collector connect which gives a fair idea about the taste of the Pannapictagraphists. This comes really handy to connect well with people who are closer to your interest in the social networking sites/internet. The collection also allows one to link various comics, to set a relationship between different series and volumes. The collection owners can share his/her collection with all who have the link of their collection. The application gives adequate protection to your personnel details attached to the account through the settings option.

I would give thumbs up for the application due to the ease of using it and also the ability to integrate your collection to famous social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook to alert your friends when you make a change to your collection. I would like to see the application allowing an account holder to backup his/her collection and save it in formats like csv and xls. Apart from this the application is great and I would expect this features being part of the application in the near future.

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