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It is one of the SaaS which improves the knowledge work productivity in projects performed by workgroups in professional service firms (e.g. software, advertising & marketing, consulting, lawyers, NGO) and by divisions within enterprises (e.g. support, marketing, R&D, upper management).

It has centralized storage where you can keep all project artifacts in organized manner. The Tasks, pages, discussions, people, results can be easily linked. There is also possibility of Project overview providing immediate bird-view onto the project status and

Blogs introduce informal communication with team and clients.

The project goal and “success criteria” are clearly defined. While the Project tasks and milestones are written and prioritized. The requirements are placed to wiki-pages and discussed. There are Ideas and useful tips which can be easily shared with team in blog

So you can find less communication noise in emails, eliminate empty boring meetings for searching information.

They are easy to track project state and progress online; anytime, anywhere – just with web browser. You can find any comment or suggestion tracked until closure and never lost or ignored. It is also easy to see nearest milestones and expected deliverables. Then you can review and comment project deliverables online at any convenient moment.

Quick Review of

  1. Manage your projects and team.
  2. It is one of the SaaS which improves the knowledge work productivity in projects.
  3. Will subscription model survive on-demand trend?

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