Commander One: Fast and Reliable Mac App

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For a person with a Mac operating system who has been looking for an application that can transfer the files through the web, then I would advice for commander one, why is this so? Well the application is a fast and reliable file transfer protocol client for Mac OS x, moreover when using this application it becomes easier for one to understand and has a friendly user interface. Here are the more functions of the application

Full protocol support: Having this application can enable one to transfer files through the web from one host to another host of computers, and from this one is able to share files as the files are more securely and faster transferred through an FTP.

Multiple connections: Another thing about commander one application is, it supports multiple connections across the net, this is due to the fact that several computers across the network can share files from one server, thereby enabling one to get a flawless and effective transfer of files through the net, In addition it also supports tabbed browsing, if one would want to browse multiple websites.


FTP server as local drive: With this application it can enable one to map their FTP server as their local drive and in this process one can work with files in any way, for example the files can be copied deleted, created or edited in any way, as if they are located in local drive

Support Amazon S3:commander one can also support Amazon S3 which is a new feature, and in this case your files and folders of any size that have been stored in Amazon s3 can easily be worked upon in commander one, because Amazon s3 storage can be linked with commander one, enabling one to work with their files in any way they like, without copying them on their Mac, moreover when one does not need to work with files in their Amazon s3 storage they can always link them only to specific buckets

Archive support: Another thing about commander one is that, it supports multiple archive types, in which case one can open their archive as a folder and add or delete files from the archive, it also searches through the archive to locate files that one may need. The zip archive can compress, extract or even be opened as a folder and through it one is able to access files that have been archived or compressed


Support for advanced search: With this application one can search for any files and folders that are compressed on any disks, and in this process it will require for more specific search one can take by use of regular expressions, the good thing about it, if one forgets the name of the file they can sought for the content that is in it.

In conclusion commander one is the application that can help you manage your files well, it is the application that can conveniently bring that feeling of a file manager and for those switching from windows to Mac this can be your finder alternative for file search

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