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The Share Market Live Trading App is one of the leading mobile apps in digital trading in India. This Edelweiss Mobile Trader App offers real-time trading updates to millions of online traders of its users in India. The app feeds online traders with real-time information on stock markets which is a necessity in online trading. The App is a product of one of India’s leading financial services companies known as Edelweiss Broking Limited. The App comes with numerous interactive features that make it a darling to many users due to the ease and convenience experienced while using it to monitor, analyse and trade in the markets. As a stock trading app, the Edelweiss Mobile Trader comes with inbuilt features that are essential to online stock trading.

To begin with, we will look at the important features that this magnificent mobile application comes with before we delve into its pros and cons. Note that this review is based on first-hand experience as the author of this article is also an avid user of the said mobile app.

With this app, traders have lots of options to choose in terms of what type of trade they want to execute. Traders can choose to trade on BSE, NSE, MCX, NCDEX, F&O, Currency as well as Equities while using this app. So as a trader, you are not only limited to a particular type of trade. Alongside this great feature, the app also provides real-time streaming of trade indices, currency and stock quotes. This, therefore, enables you as a trader, to make an informed decision on what trades to execute. As a result, you don’t lose money due to the lack of proper updates on the trading platform.

Additionally, this app enables you to analyse stock markets using its advanced charting facility that acts as a bellwether to trade movements. The chart feature has numerous technical indicators that make it even easier to analyse and predict what the next trade would be. Moreover, it also provides ‘Screeners’ which through its pre-defined filters, pops-out stock lists that one can invest in. It also provides access to research calls provided by Edelweiss broking ltd.  You can select from their stock picks to invest for long, medium or short term.

The app also boasts of providing stock market live news faster than the TV. This is really useful given that it can help you take timely decisions and maximize your returns. A comprehensive market section with insightful information on Equities, derivatives, commodities and mutual funds is particularly very helpful to arrive on the right, knowledgeable market decision. What’s interesting is that all the features mentioned above are available to everyone, at absolutely no cost, even if you do not have an account with them. You just need to register once using your mobile number while launching the app.

In today’s world of online trading, there has never been anything as worrying for traders as the security of their trading accounts. This app features a 2-factor authentication to help secure traders’ accounts from unauthorized access.

In terms of interactivity, this app offers a great user interface that is both simple and convenient to use. It enables traders to easily track all trades using its interactive tap and control features. Furthermore, this app designed to effectively operate even in areas with low network coverage. Therefore, traders do not have to worry about low internet coverage affecting their trades. Whether you are in a 4G or 2G coverage zone, the Edelweiss Mobile Trader App has got you covered.


  • Insightful market information & screeners to find market opportunities with ease
  • Advanced charting with 17+ technical indicators
  • Live news faster than TV
  • Featured with numerous trade options from which to choose
  • Very secure due to its 2-factor authentication before logging in
  • Performs effectively even in low coverage network zones
  • A trader can easily track their trade performance with reports section 


  • Not available for windows and blackberry phones
  • Sometimes slow to update trade symbols

My final verdict is that the Edelweiss mobile trading app is a good shot, though it has some few cons that the company will have to look at. Therefore, if you are a serious online trader, or are looking an advanced app for trading in the share market, I can comfortably recommend that you use this app to not only track but also analyse and trade in the markets.

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