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Watching a movie with family and friends is always fun! The gossip and criticism exchanged about the movie, cast and crew after watching it can be much more exciting than watching it. Movie collector connect is a simple online movie cataloguing software which helps one to generate his own movie catalogue and also share with friends. The software comes up with features which make cataloguing interesting and thrilling. The ability to share it with friend in social networking sites enables one to expand their friends network with similar interest and to some extent the type of movie watched by the individual gives a measure of the character too.

Connect Your Movies:

Movie collector connect comes with a simple visual window which is available for both computer system viewing and mobile viewing. Thus, accessing your account is easy anytime and anywhere. The application can be connected to both your face book and twitter account. Connecting these applications to your social network accounts help you to intimate your friends immediately about new changes you make to your movie catalogue. The website application is too simple to use with self explanatory features making cataloguing interesting.

Easy Cataloguing:

There are three ways to add new movies to your collection namely by title, barcode or manually. One can search their favourite movie through the search option. Even TV serials can be added to your collection. One can add it to your collection or to your wish list. The all movie automatically option imports all the attributes from the movie collector’s collection to your collection; however the attributes can be edited for a particular movie after addition. The attributes includes all the cast and crew of the movie, purchase details, release details, IMDb ratings etc. In case the movie is being added manually, the user has the option to assign a new front cover, self rating, type of movie, synopsis, cast details, crew details, purchase details and format of the video you hold. The complete collection can be viewed as a detailed view, cover view and list view.

The attributes not only help one to know more about the movie but also enables one to enjoy various features of the application. The complete movie collection can be sorted in alphabetical order and can be viewed as per first alphabet and also a movie can be searched using A-Z search option. The attributes come in handy to view movies from your collection or wish list as per genre, format and if you have seen the movie. The most interesting feature of the application is the statistics option which displays the attributes of the collection in the form of a bar chart and pie chart.

More out of it:

Account privacy can be ensured from the settings option in your account, preventing the collection and private details public or private. Further, adult content filters can also be manipulated from the settings option. The application can be used to catalogue books, games, comics and music which make it a comprehensive application keeping all that interest you. Now, the application can be tried for free only the movie cataloguing for a period of 30 days, so hurry up and grab the opportunity to log your interest and make friends through sharing.

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  1. Thomas Lord

    I have used both the web app, the desk top program and the iPhone app since their beginnings to catalog my over 1800 DVDs. All are worth the little money they cost and I never buy a duplicate.


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