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Solving mathematics equations is not everyone’s cheer. It is like opening a high security lock and finding the right combination. The faster you can do it, the more cash you take. Otherwise, there are chances you may get busted. There are many games build around the same concept and it is like a “success is certain” formula. There is always a puzzle involved with the gameplay modified with some new spices. These are addictive, time killer as well as educational. In fact, many of the greatest scientists always shared a common bond to be involved in such kind of fun activities. If it is so, let’s check whether you can be the future Einstein!

Let’s head to the main topic which is the new Android app, Connectixx Free. The app has been developed by Matthias Lange. It’s a puzzle that involves connecting a set of balls. Each ball has a mathematical no. embedded inside. This no. depicts the no. of connections that ball has to make with other balls. When you connect two balls via a line, the numbers in each of them drop by one. This way, you have to connect all the balls and take the no. down to zero in each ball. But remember that you can’t cross two lines i.e. they should not touch each other at all. However, if you connect all the lines and still the numbers are more than 1 in any of the balls, tap any of the lines to break it and make a new connection.

There are 200 unique levels of gameplay in total. You will feel it easy to clear the first few levels and you might think that you’ve made a wrong choice. But just hold on to it a little further and soon you’ll be seeking help of your friends and elders to clear the round. The game really takes a sharp turn after say 10th level. However, if you don’t have such patience to unlock levels one by one, you can play any level any time, even the last level at the start. It’s because all the levels are already unlocked for you.

The graphics of the game are good but not so exciting. Also, you may find it difficult to draw a line between two balls. Sometimes, it may even take up to 4 attempts to draw a single line. There is a timer running as you are trying to solve the puzzle. It calculates the total time taken by you to solve each level and decides your score. You can sign in to your Scoreloop account and see how tall you stand against other competitors on the global leaderboard.

The app is available for free in the App Store. However, we would like to have a paid ad-free version as well because the ads in the current version irritate a lot. There are even flash ads which take on the complete screen and hinder the game. Anyone would be ready to pay a dollar for such kind of a game.

Pros: unique gameplay, 200 levels, global leaderboards, free.

Cons: ad free version not available.

Download the Application – Download the Application


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