ContactMetrics: Providing Better Customer Service through Analytics

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If you are a website or online business, especially one that receives a number of inbound leads, Contact Metrics, as its name suggests will provide metrical data about your customers who contact you. ContactMetrics is a software as a service (SAAS) that lets users create and customize HTML forms for websites. This service offers a drag-and-drop form builder that allows you to create HTML forms (with text, check, radio, dropdown fields) for your website; whenever the form is filled out by a customer, you will receive an email notification. The unique feature of ContactMetrics is that it focuses on contact forms and offers detailed analytics about the people who contact the website. This SAAS is ideal for websites that use contact forms to provide customer support.


ContactMetrics lets businesses increase sales, improve service, and fight fraud. You will find out the sender’s location, what pages they visited, how they found your site, and much more. Additionally, you will also be able to anticipate problems caused by a customer’s operating system, browser, or location. The SAAS also lets you use contact-level data to identify any suspicious and potentially fraud activity. To get started, users have to register and follow a simple three step process:

  • Create a site using the domain name of the website, and then place ContactMetrics’s tracking code on all web pages.
  • Create a form using the service’s drag and drop form builder, and then embed it into the webpage with a snippet of the code.
  • Start receiving responses right away. Messages will be emailed to the user and saved online as well.


ContactMetrics believes that individual-level analytics can improve interactions with existing and potential customers. Their service offers advantages for websites in the situations identified below.

  • When your website receives a question from a customer regarding one of your products, ContactMetrics lets you see which product the customer viewed last.
  • When you are asked a question that is addressed on your website already, ContactMetrics lets you identify if the customer has viewed the answer on the website, otherwise you can direct them to the relevant page on your website.
  • ContactMetrics lets you see which of your marketing efforts are bringing in qualified leads. It gives you the context needed to target sales pitch towards the needs of customers and improve support.
  • The software lets you focus on leads that are in your geographical market, by saving the time you spend interacting with customers from locations you do not sell your products in.


Most businesses collect analytics about customers visiting their websites using tools like Google Analytics. A majority of these websites use contact forms too. However, these two are totally disconnected from each other and therefore, the business lacks sufficient information needed to close a sale or provide good support to a customer. ContactMetrics works to bridge this gap through its hosted contact forms and actionable analytics. They are presently in beta and will be offering a $19/month plan on launch.

Good: Easy to use, fast, and free to try

Bad: Limited features

Worth Having Application : Try This WebApp


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