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ContactShield protects iPhone contacts from applications trying to access the contacts. This application helps to block attempts to steal your iphone contacts. It can block unauthorized attempts made on cloud server. All the iphone contacts can be encrypted with the single touch. Even in the individual contact, specific fields like Phone number, address, email, notes can be selected to protect. Standard contact operations like Calls, SMS, e mails can be accessed by verifying password or finger print recognition. This means your cloud data and iOS contacts data both will be protected. Apart from the encryption, this app provides a lot of features to protect the individual fields of each contact like e mail address fields, personal notes, office address, residential address etc. All the contacts can be encrypted or can be decrypted with a single tap. This app supports for both Ipad and iPhone users. Cloud data can be secured with 256 bit encryption.


Some of the worth looking features of the app are listed below:

  1. Contacts can be searched easily
  2. Contacts can be added, deleted and modified
  3. All contacts can be encrypted/ decrypted with a single tap
  4. Individual contact fields can be set
  5. Encryption status can be shown
  6. Address book changes can be auto detected
  7. Supports both for iPhone and ipad

Benefits of the App:

For those who are looking for the benefits of downloading this app, here are the benefits of the contactshield app

  1. As the contact data is encrypted, applications cannot access the contacts
  2. Syncs with Mac, PC and Google Cloud.
  3. Auto lock feature to block contacts when the phone is stolen.
  4. Touch ID is used to securely access the data
  5. One tap is enough to select the contacts and specific fields
  6. Easy to search the contacts with search function


  1. Specific address filed, e mail field can be protected or encrypted.
  2. Cloud Security is provided. This is the best ever feature I felt because earlier I have used Mi3 in which the contacts data in cloud is misused. This app provides a much secured feature to encrypt contacts.
  3. Advanced Encryption Standard 256 bit encryption key is the best ever protection mode in android world.
  4. I am working in a busy office. Whenever someone tries to access my phone, It asks for password and that’s how most of my personal contacts can be protected. Even someone wants to access the contact data, he can see some junk in place of the real data.
  5. The best part of app is they are offering all these at a very negligible price.


As every other thing, the app has also some points that can be treated as the minus points for the app.

  1. Once the contact data is encrypted and we try to modify the data, then Contact shield cannot be able to decrypt the data. This sometimes makes us uncomfortable.
  2. The present cost is $0.99 and I am pretty sure that it will be expensive later on.


As a whole, this app is packed with a great capability to provide full security to your iphone contacts with a negligible charge. This is the best app in the market compared to many other cheap and inefficient apps in Android and Windows.

Worth Having App – Download the App


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