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One of the most promising mobile apps to hit the market this year is Conx2share. This mobile app is a digital communication app available in both the Apple and Google Play Store. Conx2share offers you a convenient one-stop digital platform that can be used to control all digital communication. As its name suggests, the Conx2share basically offers users a sharing platforms where one can easily create and share video, picture and text based content. One of the most interesting aspects with respect to this mobile app is the fact that Conx2share has managed to attain significant popularity in a relatively short period of time and there are signs that this popular mobile app might be the next revolutionary innovation as far as smart phone mobile telephony is concerned.

The ability to integrate text on a picture or video before sharing is one of the unique features of this new mobile app. The text can be placed on top of the graphical content by the sender and upon receiving the message, the recipient can simply tap on the graphical content to clear the text and have a much clearer view of the video or picture.

Conx2share is dubbed as both a social media and communication app. This unique identification is due to the apps support for both graphical and text based content making it a convenient app for routine social media functions such as photo and video sharing and at the same time enabling this app to be used for communication purposes such as blogging.

One of the most essential things to do when analyzing a new app is to analyze the reviews that the app has received. Conx2share has been the recipient of positive reviews from both individuals and credible organizations alike with CNBC and Yahoo Finance being some of the notable organizations that have heaped praise for the app.

The integrated nature of Conx2share is one of the aspects that I find particularly useful when it comes to the functionality of Conx2Share. This is especially useful when it comes to social networking which mostly requires one to interact with many people during a relatively short period of time. The app allows you to seamlessly create a customizable contact list for different categories of �friends’ or contacts for that matter. You have the choice of creating friends, business networks and family contact groups so that you can easily communicate and share content with your contacts in a convenient and appropriate fashion.

Currently, there are talks for additional features that are set to make this new mobile app even more interesting than it is today. Plans are underway to integrate more features that will enable the app become a fully integrated multimedia app that can be used to perform various routine functions that do not necessarily fall under the category of social networking or communication for that matter. Some of the features that are most likely to be integrated within Conx2share include live streaming which will enable users to stream live video content and eShopping that will offer users online shopping services.

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