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Food is the source of happiness. New recipes and new innovations are always welcome in your kitchen, may it be from a different part of the world or just a fresh change in the authentic recipes from your own country. Searching the web to find the recipes that you will love you make for your loved ones, is a common thing today. However, you may find it difficult to follow the recipe because you may not find everything quite easy to understand. The methods are sometime misleading, too. Cook Happy Recipe video is here to solve your problem and the app designed by Demand Media, Inc will bring new tests to your kitchen, every day.

The app, Cook Happy Recipe Video, is built specially for iPad and iPad mini because the videos look even more interesting when viewed on the big screen. The videos that are incorporated in the app are interesting and good to look at. The concept of the app is to make the cooking interesting and easy. Lots of fresh new ingredients are used and you will have a lot of healthy recipes. There are gluten free options and vegetarian options for people who need a healthy diet. The herbs and flavors around the world are mixed to form different recipes. The expert knowledge is served to the users to make each of the dish taste delicious.


  • The iTunes app is a cooking one where you will get a lot of recipes free of cost on your iPad. However, there are paid top ups of recipes available in form of vegetarian Main events and Chic deserts. Each is available at $0.99.
  • The app version 1.0.1 requires iOS 6.0 or later to run and it is currently compatible to iPad.
  • The recipes are divided into different categories namely, easy weeknight dinners, sophisticated comfort food, Mediterranean dinner party, taco fiesta, Chic desserts, and Vegetarian main events.
  • Sophisticated Comfort Food, Mediterranean Dinner Party and Taco Fiesta, come with 6 free recipes each. The other categories contain 5 recipes each of which chic desserts and Vegetarian Main Events are paid.
  • The app is designed in such a way that the main dishes and side dishes gel well together.
  • The video included is one high quality and it covers a total of 2.5 hrs.
  • The video runs without any ad distraction.
  • There are in total 33 major recipes that you can follow. New recipes are being added by the developer.
  • You can save your favorite recipe in a special list or can share the video through Facebook and Twitter.
  • A simple swipe is enough to access the recipes you want.

Summary: Cook Happy Recipe Video is a video app that contains recipes. There is nothing you need to do in the app. Follow the recipes illustrated in simple steps and exciting, high quality videos. You will be able to make dishes from around the world in your home. The app used high graphics for its videos and it is good to look at. The videos are self explaining and the recipes are quite good.

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