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It is a project management software tool which helps your team manage their projects, tasks, clients, contacts and documents more easily than ever before. In a recent survey held by research group suggested that on average customers save between 20 and 100 hours per month managing their projects with Copper.

You can say that this is the first and last project management tool for creative thinking.

It is quite simple and most useful thing in the office after the coffee machine. It also has flexible pricing options to suit every organization and budget. They offer Software as a Service (SAAS) product for a monthly or yearly subscription. They also offer a full source licensed product on application.

They also have Copper Community area dedicated to the exploration of new ideas and existing features. By doing this they take development roadmap directly from the customer base which is most need of. You have better visibility and control of Project.

The projects defragmenter with new take on re-sourcing of your people is well marked.

It also acts a profit center with budgets tracked. You got feature of Capture and Invoice for more time via auto timesheets and billing.

Quick Review of

  1. Web’s best project management software.
  2. It also acts a profit center with budgets tracked.
  3. Do we have free trial periods?

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