CouponDekho Review: Shoppers Delight

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I have no hesitation in accepting the fact that I am not too tech savvy and till few months back was not even shopping online. I also had no idea regarding the entire concept of coupons and the deal codes till then. This is the time my husband came to my rescue and decided to take all the pains to pass his knowledge regarding online shopping and use of coupon codes to me.

Once I started using the coupons for shopping, there was no end to it. Even if smallest of things was required, I immediately needed the laptop for searching latest coupons, be it Flipkart coupons, I would not shop till I had the best coupon in hand. With months of experience I have realized that it is advisable to always get the coupons from trusted websites.

Actually large number of websites does not reveal full information, despite claiming to be good. There is a lot of hidden information that you would not understand. But you can get even more discount than being offered by e-commerce websites. CouponDekho makes the consumers happier on purchasing goods through them. Due to very busy daily routine, people find it difficult to spare time to shop. This has naturally increased the demand of online shopping. With such change in the shopping trends, e-commerce websites are emerging and have changed the pattern of shopping completely. Another reason of people getting attracted towards online shopping is discount being offered by e-commerce websites.

This site offers coupon codes for renowned online shopping sites, travel websites and restaurant deals. These coupons are made available free of cost. offers coupons codes for majority of popular websites and these are categorized under each tab. Shopping coupons are available for well known sites such as Snapdeal coupon, Trendin, freecultr, shopper stop etc. Here you can also get latest discounts available on the clothes and shoes.

Getting the Coupon Code

In case you need to purchase jewelry item from any store, the following steps will have to be taken for purchasing it with coupon code.

Step 1: Select the site from which you intend to shop at the coupon site.

Step 2: Select Coupon from list displayed.

Step 3: On clicking on Get Coupon, You would be redirected to the page on which the products on discount are displayed.

Step 4: Add product to Cart and use above obtained code in voucher section and continue purchase.


  • It offers good discounts on the products like smartphones, footwear, gadgets, electronic appliances, apparels, baby wear, home furnishing etc.
  • Provides latest discounts in all e-commerce websites consistently.
  • Friendly and user friendly design that helps users to navigate comfortably.
  • Provides many brands and huge range of products.
  • User can subscribe to the site and would then be informed regularly regarding discount coupons of favorite online stores.


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