Cross-Platform Fun with All Jackpots Casino App

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Real money gaming on smartphones is, let’s just say, problematic. Online casinos mostly operate in Europe, where Android is the dominant smartphone platform, but Google has a strict policy against real-money gambling apps listed in its Play Store. Apple has no such restrictions in place for its App Store, but with the majority of casino players using Android handsets, this doesn’t help casinos too much in helping them. But casino operators have found an alternative solution for their players to be able to play on their platform of choice without any restrictions in place: an HTML5-based browser app. And it has worked.

The real money smartphone gambling casino games from All Jackpots casino are just as secure and safe as a native app could be. But they are not limited to running on any single smartphone OS – actually, they are capable of running on pretty much any device with an HTML5-capable web browser, no matter if it’s a smart TV, a gaming console or a tablet. Using the All Jackpots web app is just as simple as using its downloadable version. All players need to do is visit the All Jackpots website, log in with their existing account or create a new one, and start playing either for real money or for free, in Practice Mode.

For All Jackpots, this solution was the best. It is just as secure and easy to use as its downloadable casino suite, even if the games available inside are more limited. But the library of mobile games in the suite is growing every month, as the casino adds at least one new title to it each and every month. Since it doesn’t rely on third-party plugins to run, it can be accessed on pretty much every desktop and mobile browser that has its standards up-to-date. And that makes it the most accessible of them all.

Performance-wise, the All Jackpots web app is also great. It runs perfectly well on older smartphones and it simply flies on today’s higher-performance handsets and tablet computers. Besides, they bring real-money gaming to gaming consoles, too, which are well-known for their lack of support for Flash.

All things considered, the All Jackpots app is one solution that might perhaps serve as an example for other cross-platform developers. Its solutions, both when it comes to safety and security, performance and availability put some native apps to shame. And it shows that browser-based gaming did not disappear with the decrease of support for Adobe Flash – instead, it has migrated to a new platform that will stay relevant for years to come.


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