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The cub collider is a brand new Iphone game designed to excite and thrill every player. Although it is deceptively simple, the game offers a challenging yet exciting playing experience especially for people who enjoy unique iphone games that are basically different from the common ones in the market. The Cube Collider is now available on ITunes and can be downloaded anytime and any day.

How It Works 

Cube Collider is a very easy to play game. The game starts by falling colored cubes that come down from above your screen. You should then tap the left or the right side of your screen to rotate the cubes. If you manage to make the same colors collide, then you add up the score. As you continue, the cubes will start falling faster and you will need to turn them quickly in order to collide the same colors. Once you get started with it, you will soon learn and get better in a few days.

Features of the Cube Collider Iphone App

The Cubes Collider has a number of great features all of which have made it a number one pick for people who love enthralling Iphone games. Some of these features are here below:

  • The app comes free of any charges
  • Total size is at 13.3 MB
  • Compatible with iOS 6.1 and all the other later versions
  • 24/7 support in case you need anything clarified
  • You also get regular updates to improve your gaming experience

Why You Should Try Out the Game 

Ever since it launched on ITunes, Cube Collider has grown immensely to become one of the most popular games. The following are some of the major reasons why you should at least give it a try today:

Exciting – If you are looking for an exciting and thrilling game then you can count on the Cubes Collider to deliver an outstanding level of thrill and fun.

No annoying Ads – Unlike many other games today that always have annoying ad pop ups every time, the Cubes Collider is very different. You can simply enjoy your game and play all the time without any interruptions.

Highly addictive – Cubes Collider offers just the right amount of challenge to keep you glued all day. After all, many people love challenging games and there is no doubt the Cubes Collider is not at all different.

Easy to get started – Sometimes it may take so much time to understand a game but that’s truly not the case with the Cubes Collider. Immediately you start playing, you will soon realize that it’s easier to understand how the game works and how it is played. This helps to increase the fun and excitement associated with it.

Free to download – Trying out the Cube Collider will not cost you anything. The App is available for free on ITunes so there is no reason why you shouldn’t give it a try.

The Verdict 

There are so many games designed for the Iphone, but very few really come with the fun and excitement associated with the Cube Collider. In addition to this, the App is free of charge and provides the perfect blend of a challenging and enjoyable game. It is definitely something you may want to try out today.

Worth Having App – Download the App