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Health Care expenses are rising on a steady basis each and every day, meeting these expenses is one of the toughest job for many people. People with insurance are covered to a large extent, but not completely, there are many exceptions which your insurance may cover. Even when your medical insurance company pays you a certain percent of the cost, you too have to pay a significant amount in all your expenses (out of pocket cost). So, it is essential that we grab opportunities which will help us to save even a dollar. LowRx is one such app which will help you to minimize your prescription costs of up to 75 percent. We can surely say that it’s an amazing app without a second thought. This new app has been developed and launched by Sheldon Technology and Design especially for the apple users which include iPhone, iPad and iPod. The app is compatible with iOS 5.0 or later version of the software for its effective functioning. It has also been optimized specifically to meet the requirements of iPhone 5.

LowRx app has been specially designed to help the people with very limited or no insurance coverage for the prescription drugs. The aim of this app is to aid people in purchasing drugs at an affordable price. The app doesn’t require its users to do any kind of sign up activities. The Membership of the LowRx Prescription Card doesn’t have any specific requirements which have to be fulfilled by the users. It doesn’t have any age, income, waiting period and other such restrictions imposed by the insurance companies. The goal of LowRx program is to help the patients who have minimal or no prescription drug coverage at a nation level. It helps them to reduce the out of pocket expenses and to save money.

How it Works?

The users have to enter their name, phone number and select their pharmacy by clicking on the membership card tab on the screen. The app immediately generates an event ticket with your name, number, membership id, rxBIN, PCN and rxGroup details. You can click on the add button and it automatically gets saved in your Passbook app. Now, you can show this ticket to your pharmacist, they scan the barcode in the ticket and will provide you with the details of the discount on your selected drug. The app also helps the users to locate their nearest pharmacy with the help of the pharmacy locator. The drug estimator tab helps the user to calculate the price for their drugs. It also provides other similar less expensive drugs which can be purchased by which you can save a significant amount of money. The information tab on the main screen provides the users with the details of how the LowRx app works and other such details.


LowRx is the perfect app which will help you to cut your prescription costs by a large amount. This app is available for free, so download it from the App Store and save big on your prescription.

Good – Helps you to save big time.

Bad – The app can have detailed tutorials.

Worth Having Application – Download the Application


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