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Voicemail is the voice of the future. The problem is that it is tough to use currently as it is tedious and not well developed. Until ‘Dartboard – Voicemail Evolved’ came into the picture. Dartboard is the voicemail of the future. This iOS app provides a medium for communication that is more efficient than any existing right now. To begin with, it is much more interactive and easy to use. On the other hand, it is faster than phone calls and more personal than test messages.

Dartboard is a messaging tool that bridges the communication gap between people by making things more audible. Darts or sound messages can be sent to individuals or to groups of people. The good thing is that they are not stored in memory and disappear once they have been listened to. Using this app, people can record any sounds or voices around them and shoot them across to others like a dart. Developed by Dartboard LLC, the app is currently in its Version 1.0 and has a file size of 8 MB. It requires iOS 8.0 or higher versions and is compatible with all iOS devices.

The main goal of the app is to engage users in fun, fast and genuine communication via the app. there are a lot of features to add to the fun part. There is an optional filter than can be applied to the voice recorded to give it a fun twist. The receiver receives a much more audible message and can Dart back to it for a reply. Thus, two way effective communication is set up by the app.

There are also a set of voice filters than can be applied to customise voice messages by users. There are four filter options- Borg, Hunk, Invader and Helium. Each filter adds a unique touch to voice messages. There are more filters being developed by the team at present.

Dartboard – Voicemail Evolved comes with an extremely user friendly interface. It is a simple platform that comes with a Quick Reply option. This option enables instant communication between the sender and the receiver. The entire experience of using this app is interactive and conversational with notes and quick messages.

The main advantage is the futuristic communication options the app has to provide. Users can record Darts and send them in no time when running out of time. Individuals may send Darts to individual users, groups or even to themselves as a reminder. The fun twist added by the voice filters is unique to this app alone. Essentially, the app makes communication more realistic, efficient, meaningful and quicker.

There are one or two minor drawbacks of the app that maybe looked into. These do not act as a major hurdle either way. Dartboard – Voicemail Evolved is only compatible wit the iOS right now. It has immense scope and must be developed for other platforms too. It would be right to say that Dartboard is the future of voicemail. It makes the entire process more interactive, fun and conversational for users.

Good: Voice filters, quick reply

Bad: Only compatible with iOS

Worth Having App – Download the App


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