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Dazzled cars app is designed mainly to target the car enthusiasts all over the world. It’s a complete package of social media for cars and it makes the car marketing very simple. It’s very unique user interface has the integration of various platforms like, car marketing, car reviews, news feeds about the newly released cars, etc. Being a car enthusiast is not so simple, one must be craving to know every latest information about the cars. Dazzled cars app makes the work of car enthusiasts very simple and effective to gather all the information they needed in a single place.

Dazzled cars is a serious resource of variety of cars all over the world. It doesn’t have a location barrier, it helps people all over the world to connect with each other in the name of cars. One should appreciate the developers for creating an app with a theme of social media networks. Using dazzled cars app one can easily share their views and write reviews about their favorite cars and brands. Since it is designed in a social media theme it’s very easy to share any piece of information about cars with your friends.

Some may have tend to be obsessed with the idea of collecting vintage cars and some others may have been addicted to know the latest technologies in the market. Whatever the type of car related addiction you may be having, dazzled cars app will act as a remedy for your car addiction. Its market place like user interface helps the buyers and sellers communicate each other very effectively. Dazzled cars app has an instant messaging feature which helps to keep your communication in a secured channel.

As a car enthusiast you might have regrets for missing any car events nearby to your locality, but with dazzling cars you will never miss any car events. With it’s advanced search feature you can easily locate any car events or any branded cars or even a dealer you may be interested. It has separate forum for the car dealers to showcase their cars in the form of dazzling images and videos. Advertising through dazzled cars gives the individual sellers and dealers worldwide reach. Global marketing plays a vital role in increasing small business and dazzled cars is designed to get that satisfaction to the small business car dealers.

There is one other thing that makes this app more unique and interactive which is their weekly draw to find out the best dazzling car of the week. Car enthusiasts all over the world can participate in this open competition by capturing the beauty of their own cars in the form of videos and photos and share it with the whole world. The judge for this competition is none other than the car enthusiasts all over the world. Their vote and comments decides the winner. Dazzled cars encourages all the car enthusiasts to engage in a productive conversation and gain a wide range of exposure about the cars.

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