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Social marketing is a tool which is being increasingly used day by day. Social networking sites are no more just a place for connecting with friends and family and sharing your day by day ups and downs. It has turned into a market place for brands and companies and has been used quite extensively in the recent past for advertising of products. In fact, this is the reason that Face book is worth about $120 billion. Most of the advertising boards consider it to be a good platform for getting in touch with their customers and is probably the best way for the cause.

Dealer Kinect is a similar facebook application related to the marketing and dealership of automobiles. It actually serves the purpose of providing you with the best deals offered by the car dealers in USA and gives you regular updates about the new cars being available in the market. The users of this application are both buyers and sellers. If you are in search of a car for you, visit the home page of this application. You will find a no. of cars displayed on the page. If you want to search for a car according to your needs and conditions, then fill up the required details and you will get one matching best with your needs.

The details required to be filled include the maker of the car like Audi, BMW, etc, then the price range with minimum and maximum price, etc. You can filter the search by entering the mileage of the car you are looking for and the year in which it was manufactured. Zip code is something which is compulsory to be entered so that all the results being displayed will belong to the closest of the region you have specified.

Once you have found the right option you were looking for, you can share the results on facebook with your friends and also, you can invite them to use the application. After you are subscribed to the app, you will get regular updates regarding the latest entries in the market. The best deals for you will be displayed on the home page.

Must say that this application has a lot to deliver and is very popular nowadays among both, the dealers and the buyers. What more to expect than having all the details of the car and having all your demands met on the same time. You don’t have to visit some place neither you have to google for the different options available. But still, sometimes it might be the case of spamming as to the person giving wrong details about the vehicle. But still, it’s just some time loss as you will get through the features when personally going for the visit. So, it is a very useful app with good features.

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