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Elemelons, a game which has challenged the human thinking and swiping skills. Elemelons is an interesting color matching puzzle game, which provides a different world of four moving melons of different colors. Elemelons is challenging and addictive game for those players, who thinks that they’re pretty fast in thinking and swiping. This game is offered for free and available for iPhone through the Apple iTunes App store.

Features of Elemelons:

* user-friendly: The game is easy to use and addictive too. This game provides you the platform to set your high score, and compete with others in the world. The game has the uniqueness that, it gets challenging and more fun by leveling up. This game provides instructions for players.

* Cinematics: The game has four different colors on the each side of the screen. In this game, you have to redirect the motion of melons towards the correctly colored side. The back stories are provided about the four watermelon characters in the discover section of the app.

* Gameplay: The instruction section of the app guide you about the basic gameplay, and teach you how to use some special power-ups. This game also provides facility to share your high score like many other games, but this time with a selfie.

* visuals: This game does not have high graphics, but still the small detailings are marvelous.This increases the charm and attraction of players too.

* Sound effects: The music of the game is decent and attractive, especially when the melons crash with the wrong side.

* Social humor: This game provides you to set you highest scores, and compete with others in this gaming world.

Appearance and layout: The game has four different colors on the each side of the screen. Four different colored melons will appear in the middle of the screen, and they must be directed toward their corresponding color side to make scores.

Matching colors is the main concept of the game for challenge and fun. The game does not have high graphics, but the detailing of the melons and selfie idea are enough to add a certain charm to the game. This game provides instructions for the first time players, making it very easy to use and understand. The game includes leaderboards to keep you coming back, and encourage to compete with others.

Pros of the game:

* Challenging and fun. * Easy to use. * Social humor and the selfie with melons. * Good sound.

Cons of the game:

* some lag with swiping melons.* Poor graphics.* Levels are very hard.* Lags preventing to achieve high scores


As mentioned previously, Elemelons is a free app. This game is only for iPhone or iPad users. You can download this app through the Apple iTunes App store.

Overall the game is a decent looking, very user-friendly, easy to use with instructions and fun. The graphics are very simple, but the game is too hard to play. you can’t grow till you play few days. you will enjoy playing it, but the issue with in-game lag is frustrating a bit. Well, there is nothing more frustrating than lag because it limits the player to score high scores. well, overall this game is all about fun with selfies.

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