Destroy your Enemies and Move Ahead in Glidefire

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Racing games with some mission and some action have always made their mark in the world of iTunes game and the new ones that are getting released need to place a new story and interesting graphics in order to stand strong in the market. These two things are done properly by the game named Glidefire which is an aerospace battle game where the quotient of racing is not neglected at all. This game can be played solely by the user and he or she can also challenge friends to compete in the racing game.

Glidefire, presented by Wonderwood Games LLC, is a fighting game with a story behind it. It is a fight between earth alliance and corporation and in order to save the pilots from death, earth alliance created Autonomous drones that are guided by artificial intelligence. So the pilots had to retire and everything was going according to plan till the connection between the drones and earth alliance got distracted. So the authority had to call back the retired pilots and made a strong team of pilots and given them several powers so that they don’t die. The game starts from here and you are one of the pilots who are in the battlefield. You have to move ahead keeping in mind that there will be attack from the opponent and you should never clash with the devices of the opponent. It is going to be a tough path but once you master the game it would become easy.


  • The game of Glidefire is a racing game with a lot of actions in it.
  • You can challenge your skills to control the gliders. Each of the gliders has unique abilities. You can tap and slide on the gliders to control them.
  • There are numerous dangers in the way and you may require saving yourself by sliding the glider.
  • You have to avoid any collision with the enemy devices or else you may die.
  • It is possible to get booster weapons in order to fight with the enemy.
  • You are going to start with the basic glider but you will get several opportunities to improve your skill and fight your battle to win.
  • You can compete with your facebook friends in the game.
  • There will be amazing reactions when you dodge your opponents or take boosters.
  • There are prizes for daily and weekly event performance.
  • Once you accomplish missions you will have store multiplier and your score will increase with more speed.
  • You can always collect bonuses on the track.
  • There is also a ranking system in the game. Try to be on the top of the system.
  • Once you reach achievements, you will get award for the same.
  • The itunes game is available for iOS version 6.0 or later and the version 1.0.4 of the game takes around 136 mb space.
  • The graphics of the game is really quite interesting.

Summary: Glidefire is a new racing and action game in the iTunes store that challenges your skill while providing numerous boosters in order to improve your game, heroes and weapons.

Good: The high quality graphics is something to look out for in the game.

Bad: Some of the players have complained that the game kicks them out after some time.

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