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Among several valuable web applications this will be considered most successful application flourishing in the global market. It offers anyone tap into the power of sending voice or text message broadcasts to an entire phone list in seconds.

You don’t need for hardware or equipment to buy. Just you can record & send your messages out to 2 or 200,000 phone numbers within minutes. The global users can try this expedient application today and you’ll see why thousands of International consumers around the country rely on this persuasive web application. ( DialMyCalls )

You can get detailed reporting for every broadcast you send. It exposes detailed report with what happened on each individual call or text that you sent. You can get maximum safe and security with privacy given more concern. They will never release or sell information in your account, so all data in your account is safe and secured. With easy data importing feature you don’t really waste your valuable time adding numbers one by one into your account. Thus by this potent web application you can easily import all of your phone numbers in seconds.

By utilization of this cogent web application it is unique for businesses to keep in touch with their customers. Most of the global users this potent web application for appointments, shipping status, and other reminders to their customers. It is however unsolicited sales or marketing calls/texts are not allowed. Eventually this adroit web application stands effective and holds good for the global users.

Visit this site at http://www.dialmycalls.com/ and post your reviews as comments.

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  1. ricabery

    DialMyCalls seemed great until I started getting negative feedback from customers, such as calls sending later than they should have and people reporting the calls as difficult to hear. The customer service department gave me the run-around about “reporting this to their technical team” but did not make good on the issues. I could get robo-calls from a dozen different vendors for the same price or less but I chose DialMyCalls because of the promises of great service, customer satisfaction and loyalty – which I did not receive. Also charge your for unsuccessful calls and no way to pause/edit calls once you set them up. Not recommended for a large volume of calls.


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