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Diamond – the most precious stone on planet earth. They are the rarest elements and obviously have a reason to be sitting on the wedding ring of every beautiful and of course, rich couple. A small piece of this stone is enough to make a girl go crazy for her boyfriend and like love, it never lasts. So if you are planning to gift your girlfriend or wife a diamond ring, you must be sure that it’s the best value of money because you’re not going to buy it another any soon. Buying diamonds is certainly not everyone’s daily routine and therefore, you must consult some expert before buying one. Today we have one such guest among us. So if you have any questions, you can ask him.

I am talking about the website www.diamdb.com which is the short form for Diamond Database and as the name suggests, they have every single bit of information about diamonds. Now if you want to learn about diamonds, then Wikipedia will be a better place to help you. But if you’re going to buy diamonds, all you want to know is about the different diamond rings available in the market, the difference between them and that’s what you get here.

I will not go into details of different diamonds; you can find them on the website though they are round brilliant, emerald cut, princess cut, cushion cut, trillion cut, etc. Now with Diamond Database, you can compare any of the two diamonds. Just enter the dimensions and you’ll get a full biography of both of them including face-up surface area, actual size, depth, Min. clarity, etc. But one thing that I found missing was the estimate price of each of them. Though it’s very difficult to calculate the actual price as the prices vary a lot over different distributors and the website itself suggests buying online for better price, still a rough estimate would have been very much appreciated. It would have given the buyer a clean image about its worth as well.

When you’re comparing two diamonds, you can also see how they would look on the finger. The graphics though are not brilliant, but are fine enough to give you an idea. Moreover, you can change the complexion of the finger as well as the material of the ring from gold to platinum.

Apart from comparison, if you’re interested in learning about them, then there is lot of information available about different types and other aspects of evaluating diamond size. Also, you can find information about some trusted online dealers of diamonds. You can compare their prices with what you get in the market and you’ll surely be saving a lot of money. But make sure that the diamonds are authentic and check their high resolution picture first before buying.

Pros: compare any two diamonds; detailed specifications; additional info about diamonds; tips on buying diamonds.

Cons: price not available when comparing diamonds.

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