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Emails will always grow at a faster rate compared to postcard direct mail, but the volume of emails that gets neglected is high compared to direct mails. In general direct mails or post card services have enjoyed bigger success compared to email marketing, which is seeing a drop in recent times. In fact direct mail is always and will always be a better bet as far as successful business campaign is considered. That is why many tools have come up in recent times to take advantage of the success of direct mail marketing service. A tool that helps us to organize and send the post cards to all your customers. In that case, here is a special tool called Direct Mail Manager that will help you do effective direct mail marketing.


Direct mail manager is a simple tool that can be used to send 1 or 1000’s direct mail postcards at one go. It has a specially designed dashboard that helps you do things in an organised manner. The dashboard helps you have an overview of your direct mails at a glance. You can import or upload the list of customers and their contacts. It then allows you to create as many new campaigns as you want. There is also a reporting tool that allows you to track your campaigns and calculate your direct mail ROI. You can also integrate your software data into reports. On top of that, the visual charts will help you know, where you stand. Also there is software integration that allows you to import software data in 3 simple steps.

This is how it works:

Create a new post card using the direct mail manager software, which is an easy to handle tool. Once you are done with creating the post card, the next step would be to create a new campaign. Once you have created your campaign, you will have to import or upload your customer data. The next step would be to add sufficient money to your account, which will be debited for the mail marketing campaign. On the other hand, if your camping is targeting a particular set of customers, you can find them alone by using the search tool. Once the search is completed the names of your customers will appear in your campaign launcher, ready to be mailed. You can also do multi-tasking, where you will have to select each set of customer lists for each campaigns. Once you have finalised everything, your total cost will be shown below and you can add money funds if need be. And now, you are all set to mail. Just hit the send mail button and your post cards will be sent to all your customers in no time. The best thing about directmailmanager is, there are no restrictions as far as number of mails is concerned, and it can be just 1 or 1000’s.


Direct mail manger is a simple and easy to use tool that helps you do effective mail marketing. Just make use of the 30 day trial period to know more about this very useful software.

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