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Do you love puzzle games especially, the mind games? Well, from the very beginning of our life we started solving puzzles that were so easy. As we are growing up, the difficulty level of the puzzle games is also increasing and so as our thinking. Puzzle games relax your mind and body and greases your brain also. So people spend a lot of time in playing different kind of puzzle games.

However, today I have such a great puzzle in our Store which is a different kind and not average at all.

Yes, I am talking about the latest Android app called ‘dispair’ which has been developed by Siegfried Schulz. The app is compatible with all the Android Smartphones having a suitable version of the OS. So, let me introduce this latest version of dispair to you first!

dispair is an original mind-game that can now be played on all the Android devices. This current version is very much improved as compared to the older one which is an outdated iPhone version. This app is extremely reliable and flawless and has so many built-in functions such as evaluate experiments, display hint details, check functionality, simulations, demos, etc.

There are so many variations of the game which are quite challenging and interesting as well. The more you clear levels, the more you want to increase the difficulty level. Now what about the gameplay! There are some coloured letters which must be placed in some empty white boxes. Firstly, you have to find out the correct pattern of how the letters are placed in the puzzle boxes above. There is a row above with the puzzle boxes where some letters are hidden and you need to find them out. Similarly, there is a grid of letters below it and you’ve to (re)arrange them and find out the order of the hidden letters. But, the twist is that you’ve to find out these letters with the minimum number of moves which will further increase your score!  Distance (dis) and neighbourhood (pair) information is provided for this purpose for every released attempt.

The app is comprehensive and provides clear instructions. There are demo animations which are very much helpful for you. The ‘Transparency option’ offers you many more game variants that are very helpful and also entertaining for both the beginners and children. The app is available in almost 8 languages that no other game provides! It’s an absolutely brilliant way to attract users all over the world you can compete with over the dispair rankings on the Internet.

Overall, I would say that dispair is a great game with an original and unique concept. The app is quite interesting and not at all an average game plan. The interface is very neat and clean and the graphics are quite appealing. Once you’ll play the game, you’ll feel that you’ve not seen anything like such a game in the past. It truly proves the meaning of a mind-game. There is no escape for you as it’s a super-addictive game. Moreover, it’s a relaxing game which is highly recommended for children as well as adults.

Genuinely, what I liked about the game is the concept to promote quick thinking and arithmetic. It may help the children to improve their thinking power. Also, the concept of staggered pricing for level purchases is very good. The interesting thing about dispair is that you can also play the game on the plane without any Internet connection, if you made your purchases before. But in this case you can not store your game steps and result in the dispair rankings on Internet, by the way a further great attraction of dispair.

So, if you’re a puzzle lover and serious about it then check this new sensational game in the market now!

Pros: unique gameplay; original concept; a number of levels to complete; interesting yet challenging; intriguing; super-addictive game; improves thinking and arithmetic; neat and clean graphics; a wealth of entertaining game variations and difficulty levels

Cons: no saving in Internet ranking without Internet connection in this initial dispair version

I will give this app 4.9 out of 5 stars.

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