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The morning is probably no one’s favourite part of the day, but if you enter your day happy and relaxed, you will greatly increase your chances of a healthy and productive day. You can start your day in a better way by reading the important headlines and cover stories of the day. Do you know how the newspapers are printed? What is the process behind this? Everyone has these type of questions in their mind. If you have a business in the press domain, you must know about this. To run your business more efficiently and smoothly, I have an interesting solution for you. It’s called Distribution Deputy.

Distribution deputy is a cloud-based

circulation management software system specifically designed for the free daily, free weekly and free monthly newspaper, magazine and print media industry.

Distribution Deputy was launched in the year 2007 with an aim to streamline the process of distributing newspapers. It is based in Calgary, Canada.

This software runs very fast and is helpful for those who circulate newspapers all over the city. It can handle 1000’s of locations and multiple routes and drivers just as easily as it can handle a small circulation and distribution network. This software was aimed originally to provide a more efficient, cost-effective way of processing the daily distribution data collected by route drivers.

Whether you are present at your home, office or train; this software is accessible everywhere. You can update the circulation from all devices like mobile phone having an internet connection.

Basically, the Distribution Management System was created for one free daily newspaper. Traditionally, you consumed a lot of time to print a newspaper and then circulating it. But Distribution Deputy is the modern way to circulate newspapers and magazines. Now, it converts the process of time-consuming, spreadsheet based data processing into time-saving, greater, more complex range of data manipulation.

It is a dynamic circulation management and reporting tool which try to fulfil the needs of a client. It optimizes the circulation of newspapers helps to streamline the process of circulation newspapers. You can spend your time making important decisions instead of processing data. You can analyse the reports of your press by viewing your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) from the Newspaper Distribution dashboards.

If you want to increase your company’s revenue, then try searching for new readers and their locations. Try to reduce the wastage of newspapers and money using the single copy optimizer to trim the amount of returns at each location. You should advertise where the hot locations and the target demographics are located in your city and in the vicinity of your clients using this software. You should keep track of the pickup by Zip, Location type, City Area and Cover story to determine where your readers come from and where you should be delivering to increase readership and gain more profit. You can compare with your best performing locations with your poorest performers. In this way you can replace the poor performers with the best one to get the most pickup out of every location.

So, Distribution Deputy is an awesome software to circulate newspapers. You must try it for free!
PROS: Newspaper delivery software; optimizes circulation; save time; increase readership; reduce waste; grow revenue; streamline distribution.

CONS: None.

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