DiveBomb Chomp – Chomp up all the baddies

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Do you like simple brainless games that will keep you engaged for long? If yes, then the Android app DiveBomb Chomp is perfect for you. Developed by Beau James Games, it tests your speed and controls over the game. If you have some free time to kill that you want to spend leisurely without having to put in too much effort, this game is the one for you.

The game concepts and controls are very simple and basic. When you get started, there is a small tutorial that introduces all of these to you. Along the path, you will meet baddies of all sizes, shapes and colors. There are four simple rules to the game.

  1. Gobble up the baddies that are either smaller than you or are the same size as you
  2. Avoid scary looking baddies or those that are bigger than you in size
  3. Eat a lot of baddies. The more you eat, the bigger and healthier you grow
  4. Collect as many power ups as possible

There are two kinds of controls – touch and gyro. Either is really easy to manage and the game is very responsive. As you begin the game, you first have to customise your character. The different parts of your character can be customized with various colors and patterns, giving you an endless combination of characters to play with. You can even add accessories such as hats, glasses, weapons and much more to make your character look fun and cool. With so many customization options, you can create your own character each time as per your will.

The user interface is bright, colourful and full of life. With a range of colors and cute characters, the game looks quite attractive. To add to this, there is peppy yet soothing background music that lightens the mood of the game. If you find this music distracting at any point of time, there are options to switch it off as well. Additionally, you can switch off the tutorials and switch between touch and gyro control.

At the end of each round or game, you can keep track of your high scores. In each game, you get started with 3 hearts. If you bump into a baddy who is bigger than you, it can cost you a heart. Once you exhaust all your 3 hearts, the game ends. There are ads that can prove to be annoying and distracting a lot of times. Thankfully, there are in app purchases that can help you get rid of these ads. Once you buy the app, you can unlock 7 new characters and 21 new accessories. Also, you can show your support for the indie dev game. The game crashed on some devices.

If you are looking for a fun challenging game, then DiveBomb Chomp is the perfect Android game for you. All you have to do is watch out for the baddies, chomp up those which are smaller than you and avoid the big ones. The challenge lies in getting 3 star ratings and new high scores each time you play the game.


Good: Simple controls and concept

Bad: Ads can be distracting but they can be removed

Worth Having Application –  Download the App


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