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Need to cut costs on your company? Hate it when employees have their expenses paid to be sent for training and they don’t increase productivity? Give them the chance to learn wherever they want with Docebo. Docebo is a service that allows anyone with an internet connection to join other classmates in order to learn about management, safety, your new product or maybe other areas in which people can definitely improve. You can get a professional to develop the testing necessary for a certification and then give the lessons online. Once the students pass the testing process, they can obtain their hard earned certificate instantly and effortlessly.

Docebo e-learning solution is even better than the real workshops because people can interact and form opinions and ideas while they learn about your new product, management skills or others from their own homes or anywhere they feel like. Their page has a sweet demo function in which you can check out the details of their free lessons. Any type of business can benefit from this service, whether it’s big or small, because all the companies or businesses need is a Google Apps account and they’re set. The advantage of this program is that, if your employees are sick and need to get certified, they are free to do so in the comfort of their own home.

Not to mention that they don’t need to install anything on the computer because everything takes place through an internet connection. Companies constantly rely on Docebo for their e-learning website and features. Right now, Docebo has trained more than two hundred thousand users and the list keeps getting bigger. The web application even prepares employees for project management while keeping the learning process fun and interesting. Another feature that makes this great is their 25 language platform, which allows users from different places in the world to be easily trained without having to spend on travel fees. Audio and Video implementation also make the learning process much easier for people.

Users can even learn while on their mobile phones, no matter what platform or operating system they have. So, even if you can’t dedicate your time to the process of e-learning, you can still learn something while on your mobile phone. Companies can develop their own online courses as well, which is an easy process as well. The free courses that are offered with every membership are Health and Safety, Business English-communication skills, Business English-telephone skills, introduction to leadership and management of meetings, which are recommended by small business owners.

As far as pricing goes, it all depends on the amount of users that you are training, which can come down to a few cents per user, per month. The fees are inexpensive and there may not be a one-time payment since the amount of users per month can easily vary. There are no activation or license fees, so the rates will stay fixed unless you would want to negotiate for a certain price. If you need to report results to the company to prove that e-learning works best, Docebo exports the data onto excel for future reference. Docebo LMS guarantees a rapid return of investment, so try their service out with ten users if you are not sure because it’s free. Docebo is composed of: Software, Multimedia production and even Consulting and Project Management, which makes their service well rounded. Be sure to add Docebo to your Google Apps in order to get the most out of this great service. Overall, we can be sure that any kind of business will benefit from the e-learning process.

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