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Whenever we’re using Twitter, we know that we cannot follow everyone at the same time. Therefore, we have to settle for the Twitter feed and whatever pops up at the moment as long as you refresh the page. Downtweet has solved this problem by implementing an organized way to see all the tweets you really want to read. Whether you like News channels, reading the paper or following your favorite artists, the application instantly shows and updates tweets instantly without having to refresh the whole page. Meanwhile, you can view your feed in another toolbar. This makes it faster and easier to read a little bit of everything at once.

Seeing every tweet that you’re interested in not only allows you to see posts, it also lets you click on the short links to follow the news as if you were on your twitter account. What makes this web application unique is that Downtweet has developed this page thinking about you. There is a news widget, where every US newspaper that has a Twitter feed is shown. Whether you read the Huffington Post, Salon, TIME, BBC World or any others from this category, they will all be included. If you like Pop Music, you can easily view every artist that falls under this category with instant live tweets. It doesn’t matter if they’ve posted three hours ago or five minutes ago, these tweets will be shown and you will be able to read these easily from one place.

If you like technology, most blogs or websites have their own Twitter page and you will see related posts as well. The list can keep going if we want to categorize everything from Sports by category (MMA, MLB, NHL) to politics, authors and even TV show posts. All you need to do to view all these tweets is to access the page and start seeing what you’ve been missing. If you don’t see someone on your widget category that is posting, feel free to search at the bottom of that widget. Sign-up to your Twitter account from the website allows you to view your feed and your follower’s posts as well, so make sure to add your account if you’re into Twitter as much as we are.

The gear under each widget allows you to change the top feeds. When you want to see a different category placed on top, or at the bottom of your page, simply change your feed to get instant tweets on the chosen category. If you are having an off day, you can easily read tweets by categories like: Funny tweets, clever tweets and many others that can be made by famous people or just someone with a creative funny side. If bloggers want more traffic into their website, they can easily embed a widget from Downtweet and benefit from users who do surf the web.

Apart from the mutual benefits that Downtweet offers, you have this service for free and accessible through every computer made available to you. Ads placed on the page are almost invisible, which make your browsing experience better. You can easily add widgets onto Downtweet with just the click of a button. This web application is an experience and it requires no installation and no high expertise on Twitter. Even if you’re new to Twitter, you can take advantage of all the information you can get and how fast you obtain it. You gather new information by seeing Twitter pages from other people, websites and blogs, so this service makes it easier to discover them.

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