Dragon Kingdom – An Interesting Fantasy Game

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Dragon Kingdom is a strategy development game in which the users can develop and implement their strategies in real time. This game was developed and launched by a Chinese Gaming Company known as the X6 Game. The app was released a month before, but recently the developers had added some exciting new features by making the game even more interesting and addictive. The Dragon Kingdom app is available for all Android users and they can download the app for free from the Google play store.

Quick Summary of the Game

Dragon Kingdom is basically a strategy development game, but it is also a combination of different genres such as the MMO, RPG and it also has its parts from the party city builder. The players should protect their kingdom from invading pirates, the ghost ships which are ready to take away the preserved treasures and the dragons craving for flesh. The players should build up a large and strong army to fight against all the evil forces which pose a threat. The players can enjoy the new features of the game once they are up and running with the game.

New Features

  • The players can now recruit the great legendary heroes to fight for them in their legion tavern.
  • The new feature in the app allows the players to transfer the growth and XP of their old heroes. The old heroes can transfer their knowledge from their experiences which can increase the growth value of the new heroes.
  • The new reputation system allows the users to earn reputation by exchanging their scrolls and valuable gems. The players can use their reputation to recruit legendary heroes and they also purchase new equipments.
  • The players can make adjustments to the Watch Tower for the power bonus and the recovery rate of the soldiers.
  • Players now have the liberty to do Legion improvements, this is because the legion buildings are open and the players can sign up and make contributions that will help their legions to move ahead in the ladder.

The Future new features that are lined up for release are:

  • The equipment’s enchanting systems that allow the players to enchant their equipment and gain three stats at random to an item are generated at random.
  • The Grave of the Dragon is a new feature which will increase the challenge level for the players and it is also said to be tougher than the 100 Ghosts instance.


The New added features in the Dragon Kingdom game have increased the interest quotient of the serious gamers. The players can now enjoy the game in a more effective way. Dragon Kingdom game provides a variety of features for the casual gamers who will be addicted to the new features and the game as a whole.

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