Dragon Kingdom: Free Online Strategy Game That Tests Your Power

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A mobile no longer remains just a Smartphone when it’s powered by Android. It graduates to a one stop destination for high tech apps. Google apps open up a wonderful world where the virtual meets the real and creates magic. Take for example, the game, Dragon Kingdom (en). Young adults will find complex challenges in a fantasy world dominated by bloodthirsty dragons, marauding pirates and a ghost ship which prowls the sea in search of hidden treasures. The player needs to be alert in this strategy game where a war is declared everyday and lands are lost and won in every fight.

Developed by X6 Game, it reflects a solid research of mobile gaming technology. Players are better off teaming up and they can activate chat options to build strategy together or fix glitches. Dragon Kingdom boasts of astounding colors, rousing background music and challenging game levels to keep players glued to the screen for a fight to the finish. It is not unduly violent and relies more on wit and agility than on brutal force. Players will also find an easy-to-navigate interface as well as a long line of useful features as complied below:


  • The application, Version 1.5Oe, requires a minimum of Android version 2.1 and up.
  • It is a free online strategy game focusing on the team playing. While a single player can access all game parts and levels, several situations arise which call for a team action.
  • The game interface shows a country landscape with palaces, islands, green field, and a vast sea traversed by a haunted ship.
  • There are two modes- Single and Player Vs Player.
  • The gamer has the option of choosing attributes- assault, resistance, physical dexterity and endurance. Each skill guides the combat type and team and thus the game changes with the change rapidly with the strategy you take.
  • Each player, whether a kingdom King or Queen, has to go through a detailed tutorial and win guided combats to proceed to the actual game.
  • Players build armies, collect the battle loot and trade them for soldier gear or training.
  • Each level requires you to unlock new quests, build protective structures and defend them from enemies.
  • There are simple missions till level 30. Successive levels are fraught with increasingly difficult battles, intrigues and quests.
  • Pop ups and drop down dialogue boxes open up to give you handy tips and leads throughout the game and this is done quite fast.
  • Screen resolution is suitable for mobile phones and tablets.
  • The game is free and occupies 10MB space.

Summary: Dragon Kingdom is meant for a low maturity audience. It requires fast reflexes but uses simple tools. Players can login using their social network profiles like Facebook, add friends and post photos. The game uses various game tools and controls to male user experience both enjoyable and impactful.

Good: Free game with buyable in-app features. Players can control island resources if they capture it first.

Bad: A bit slow to start. A lot of building instructions and tools, which can become mind boggling at times.

Worth Having App – Download the application


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