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Tired of programs where you only have a limit to what you can upload instantly? Need to keep your business running and to keep employees constantly updated with documents? Forget those other programs and just sign up to Drawpr. Drawpr is a drop-box like service in which you can drop documents into your bucket. As soon as they upload, you can easily access your files from anywhere else around the world as long as you share the link. No need to wait for the file to download because the web page service was made in 2011, making it one of the easiest to access. What better way to share things than your own Facebook? While the website is still on beta stage and they’re constantly fixing bugs, Drawpr will prove to be one of the best web applications for storage on the market. However, you should be careful on what you upload since it’s your responsibility that you have the rights to post the documents.

What benefits do I get?

Apart from the great service and unlimited uploads, Drawpr provides an easy way to share files without even having to sign up. However, if you would want to make an account with them, it takes less than a minute and it contains a few fields of information like your name and other minor details. They will provide account security as long as you don’t give out your username and password. You can also have private buckets in which you can select who would have access to it. Public buckets can be seen by anyone, so make sure to know what you’re uploading.

What does it cost?

Drawpr is free and, in the future, it will contain certain features for paying customers, since they do have to make ends meet to keep the servers running. You will never lose the features you have now because they will remain free even if they start charging for other features. Remain confident because the unlimited file uploading is something that very few websites have right now. Have in mind that this might change in the future, but you can start uploading files now. You can also have private buckets in which you can select who would have access to it. Public buckets can be seen by anyone, so make sure to know what you’re uploading.

What if I don’t want to sign up?

Drawpr allows the bucket to remain for 60 days and, if you don’t download or upload anything on the bucket, they have the right to delete it. This means that shared links will work for 60 days if you do not sign up with them. Signing up is easy and it has many benefits, so make sure to take advantage of the free features.

Is there a limit on the upload size?

There is a 50 MB uploading limit for now, which means that you should stay posted on their updates on the website for more information. The best part about Drawpr is that they have no pop ups, no waiting times, download speed limits or software downloads, which keep you virus and spyware free! Make sure you keep them on your RSS feed for more information and updates which are easy to access.

Overall, this web service is very useful and seeks to differ from the rest of the services which are already annoying. Waiting for a download or getting less download speed is not an option if you use Drawpr. The possibilities are endless and you can try it out for free. Share your files on Facebook with a program that was actually made to help you out.

Visit this site at http://drawpr.com/ and post your reviews as comments.

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  1. Taz

    I had a pretty good demo on this. It’s like a web ftp program


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