Dream Vision Board – The New Age Success Mantra

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Lots of aspirations which gives literally a “dream come true” feeling is experienced by using this latest app designed by Vladimir Alyushin. This app is compatible with both iPhone and iPad. The goals which at one time seemed impossible, may be achieved with ease using the visualization board. Therefore you can be spurred on or motivated to attain your goals.

This powerful tool can help you succeed in myriad activities like losing weight, becoming rich or devising ways to make more money, reaching any goal or target that you want to set, getting out of a bad habit, ways to become happy, find love and experience contentment. The effectiveness of this lifestyle enhancing, powerful tool was proved scientifically using experiments. The Dream Vision Board functions by helping you to increase the probability of making your wishes or dreams come true in reality. You can avail a current introductory offer which gives 50% off, but this offer is valid for a month only till December 31.


  • There are 18 categories involved in this tool with 341 wishes symbols.
  • The number of ready affirmations is 385.
  • The tool carries out searches using names and descriptions of symbols.
  • You can create and save your own template.
  • You can create your own symbols based on photos and images from the network after editing them using rectangular area or free form.
  • Tools such as creation, movement of symbols, rotation or scaling have been incorporated in the process of creation of the Dream Board.
  • Positive motivational quotes or statements can be set using tools which have features that help to modify the font.
  • The function of text blocks lies in helping users in the creation of documents and correspondence on the basis of pre-defined text portions which can be used again. The creation of text blocks is an important feature of the Dream board.
  • The attractiveness of the Vision board is enhanced by changing the background colour or pictures from time to time to break the monotony.
  • It possesses tools which are capable of sending the completed Vision Board by email.
  • A precise manual with suggestions for effective Dream board creation is included.

Summary: Visualizing and achieving goals is easier with the help of this tool which has been scientifically proven. Creation of symbols using images and photos, saving of ready templates on favourite topics is all possible due to the Dream Vision Board. It is therefore the best way to spend time, define goals and priorities in life, emphasize and introspect on your problems and also find solutions to the problems. The basic principle behind its success is the law of dream attraction which has been proven scientifically.

Good: It contains quick and easy ways to set goals and achieve them. It is always present with you constantly reminding you to achieve your target. Various tools enhance its effectiveness and attractiveness so that you don’t get bored. This App is designed for both iPhone and iPad.

Bad: It is a bit expensive. Changing of wallpapers seems to be a bit complicated and free version has a bit of a problem in saving the template due to some bug issues.

Worth Having Application – Download the Application

You can get Full Version Here to enjoy the App.


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