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We take many pictures, videos and download several important files on our smart phones. Smart phones have made it very easy to download and store data and files. However, most of us feel it is a complicated process to copy the files from your phone or any android device to your desktop or laptop. Droid over Wifi is an android app that enables you to transfer files from your android device to your desktop, laptop or any other android device without the use of wires, cables or drivers. That sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it?!


  • This app requires Android 2.2 or later versions.
  • Its size is 851 KB.
  • You need to have internet connection and a HTML 5 compatible web browser to use this app.
  • Your android device and the device where you want to transfer your files to should be connected to the same access point i.e., the same Wifi network.
  • The MediaView feature on this app enables you to view and play the video and audio files on the current folder. It supports videos in Mpeg4, WebM and Ogg formats while allowing you to view your pictures in another tab at the same time.
  • The multiple file download feature allows you to download multiple files at one go without any size limit.
  • You can easily create, remove and rename your current files and folders with the use of keyboard and mouse.
  • The smart-auto complete feature lets you move files and folders without any lag.
  • You can use any other app while using Droid over wifi since it runs as a background service on your Android device.

The Good

The app is totally free to download. All you need to have is an internet connection to run this app. You do not have to worry about carrying along drivers and cables to transfer your files. It is the one of the fastest and most efficient file transfer apps that you could have ever used. The one button start is adds to the functionality of the app. With the use of this app, you can view, transfer, stream, create, rename and delete all your files or folders with any browser and any Operating System. The best part about this app is you will find no ads or in-apps.

The Bad

The only possible limitation of this app is the need to have internet connection or access to wifi. You might not have access to internet at all times and you will not be able to use this app in such situations.


There are barely any limitations of this app. The app is free to download and ensures hassle-free transfer of files with lot more options and features. As it would cost you nothing, there is no harm in giving it a try! Most of the times, you will surely have internet connection and hence this app will be of a great use. Transfer your files and folders within second using Droid over Wifi.

Worth Having Application : Download the App


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