Drone Invaders- Save your planet from aliens

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Drone Invaders is a fun and classic arcade game that has been developed for the iOS. If you are a fan of arcade games, you must try this one out. It is an extremely addictive game with a simple concept and simpler gameplay. All you need is some tie to kill and a lot of patience and practice.Drone Invaders is currently available for all iOS devices having iOS 6.0 or later. It can be downloaded from the App Store for $1.99 only. The good news is- you do not need an internet connection to make the best of this game.

The story behind the game is quite basic. You are out in space to complete an extremely mission. You have to protect your friends on earth from alien drones. The only way to do this is to destroy the alien drones so that they may not enter our planet. To assist you, you have a laser gun turret that you must use to kill them. All you have to do is shoot, reload and then shoot again! If you can survive the invasion, you have emerged victorious and completed your mission.

The excitement is just building up as yet. To keep it going, there are over 20 different types of aliens. Each has their own weaknesses and adds spice to the game. To top this, they form many challenging formations to attack and destroy you. You must keep going and persevere no matter what comes your way. As you keep playing, the levels get tougher and tougher. You can enhance your ammunition by improving your shields and weapons. Also, there are a lot of power ups that you will find along the course of the game. The faster you complete missions, the faster you can upgrade.

The gameplay is simpler than you can imagine. You need to just tap on your screen to fire the laser gun in a given direction. If you want to aim at an enemy, you can tap on him directly. For defence, you have to swipe up to raise your shield. That is all you have to keep in mind in terms of controls. You can destroy a regular drone with just one shot while the bosses require 20 or more hits to get killed. The realization that the controls are so simple makes the game all the more addictive and challenging.

To keep you engaged and addicted, there is a unique boss at the end of every 10 levels. All in all, there are 14 different bosses to defeat. Each needs to be handled in a special way. The joy of killing them does not compare to that of just completing another level. You need to keep at it and save your planet at all costs.

Every day, there are new unique challenges being developed and released for you to enjoy. There are also weekly challenges with bigger and better rewards. There are specific goals, which upon completion will enable you to level up your player rank. There are also exciting mission packs without any time limits. You can avail of permanent shield and weapon upgrades too. This is a fun game for arcade lovers.

Good: Easy controls

Bad: None

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