Dummy Escape Lite: A Game With A Difference

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Games that are based on logic and based on physics are more engaging and they tend to attract people a lot. In the gaming world of mobile apps it is often daunting task to find a game that actually delivers what it promises. It is even more difficult to find a game that uses real life physics that is easy to understand for the gamer. Many games use physics that is quite complicated, but this does not hold true Dummy Escape Lite by Viatcheslav Tarasov. This is a game of pure physics and you need to move your dummy to cross hurdles.

Dummy Escape Lite is a 2.5D game with incredible graphics and fast move around. This game is available both in free and paid version. The paid version has more bunkers to cross through, compared to the free one, but in both the cases, you will love playing the game. The game play is complemented by great quality music that keeps you on the edge of your seat. The game play is quite different from the popular game. You need to make your dummy jump and flip to cross the hurdles. You can charge the dummy for powerjumps and see the difference.


  • The game, Dummy Escape Lite is based on physics law and thus it is easy to understand.
  • The tutorial is visible once in every level to make you remember how to use the control.
  • The visuals are really clear and attractive and quite suitable for the iDevices.
  • You can make your dummy flip and jump to cross the hurdles.
  • A stabilize button is present that helps you stabilize the dummy during its moves.
  • Each level comes with different tasks. So you are not going to get bored doing the same thing again and again.
  • There are 20 experimental bunkers available in the free version and 100 for the paid version.
  • You may find the game a bit similar with Portal but it is completely different from the other popular games.
  • The game has several interesting level and some levels are really quite difficult to play.
  • If you cannot escape a level in one go, you can always start from the same level.
  • The sound is great for the game.
  • The app is currently available for free and it is compatible to iPads and Iphone.
  • The version 1.1 of the app takes around 39.6 MB space on your device and it requires iOS 4.3 or later to run.

Summary: Dummy Escape Lite is a physics based fun app with numerous levels. This is an engaging game and requires the player to be attentive throughout the game play. This is a free game with a lot of difference from other games.

Good: Different problems in the first edition are fixed in the version and now the ads are not going to be shown on the middle of the screen.

Bad: More levels and more troubles can be added to make the game a bit more interesting.

you can Download Android Version Here.

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