Duzzle with new Puzzle : DZ Puzzle

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Are you fascinated with the puzzle games? Do you believe you can crack any puzzle game that comes across you? If your answer is yes, then there is a perfect game for you through which you can challenge yourself. DZ Puzzle is the new game that is introduced for people who loves to challenge there thinking. DZ Puzzle is really easy and fast tutorial makes it really tranquil and reckless to play the game. The game is available in 2 versions on Google Android Play Store.

1st is the Free version on which you might see some advertisement. However, you will not be diverted through these advertisements while playing the game.

2nd is the paid version of the game that is available on google play store for just $0.99 and this version is advertisement free and you will not feel any sprints while playing the game.

What is DZ Puzzle?

DZ Puzzle is the new puzzle game for all those who really want to challenge their thinking power. The game includes a series of puzzle in which you have to think logically for clearing each level. You have to connect the starting piece and the ending piece with all the given pieces to complete a level. The game becomes very easy and fast with the detailed fast tutorials about how to play the game. Currently there are around 120 levels in the game and challenge increases after each level. Each level is divided in the graduation series. One must clear the first graduation to move to the higher level of graduation. More graduation level you complete, more difficult the levels will become. Each level has a certain time assigned to it in which you have to join the pieces and complete the level. Once you feel that you have completed the level correctly, you can click on the check button in the game it will let you know that the puzzle is correct or not. If your puzzle is correct, you will be moved to the next puzzle else you have to play the same level again. The best part of the game is that you unlock 5 pieces as bonus.

You can rotate and drag all the pieces to join, the mechanics for this game are created to give you the best experience of the real card game. If you do not want to play the game at certain point of time then you can pause the game and the game will be resumed from where you have paused. This pause button in the game can be really helpful when you are stuck as the continue button will bring you back where you stopped the game. In the game you can also see how many levels you have completed through prior and forward tabs in the game.


DZ Puzzle is a game that has numerous advantages:

1.Thinking Power : The first and the foremost advantage of this game is that it will increase your thinking power as you have to think to complete the level at the shortest time.

2. Strategize : Another benefit of this game is that you have create a strategy to complete this game as if you do not create a strategy to clear the level, you mind end up playing the game several times which enhances your strategy skills.

3. Best Time Pass: DZ Puzzle is the best game if you are getting bored. This game can be played anywhere anytime without the internet connection.


Unlike every game, DZ Puzzle also has some of disadvantages as well:

1. One of the major disadvantage of the game is that you have to complete the game within the specified time frame, if you fail to do that you may end playing the game numerous times.

2. Playing the game at the same level again and again sometimes becomes tedious.

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