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Wish you had an easier way to manage your projects and your business in general? Wish you had an assistant to write everything down and organize it so that you can present it effectively? Easy Backlog is described as a time saving backlog management tool that allows easier information gathering for agencies with multiple and simultaneous projects. In other words, Easy Backlog uses languages that you will understand. Users describe the service as a time saving effort to create, edit and refine a backlog. What makes this a unique application is that it asks you easy questions regarding what you want to do with your project. The stories you provide are automatically grouped into themes. You can set priorities with an easy drag-and-drop process. This is one of the best programs to improve your business and your tasks. Charts are easily created or taken down with the data you gather easier than if you put it into Excel.

How is it faster than desktop applications? Easy Backlog was meant to be a web application, which means that it runs solely on an internet connection on any computer that you access. There are no installations or downloads required for the application to run smoothly. This means that changes happen in real time and your progress has auto save included, which makes it even better than any expensive program. You are also able to create various versions of a file and have them available for viewing at any time. Changes are also automatically highlighted between versions so that anyone can compare what changed and what needs to be fixed. These “Snapshots” can be viewed, exported and even printed. As you print out your story cards, you can have them double-sided with your criteria on the back. You also have a wide range of printer support because you can log into the app from various computers and still be able to print.

If you want to estimate costs, Easy Backlog provides efficiency by adding themes and stories quickly to your quotations. You can also create high level estimates calculate costs daily, velocity and complexity. You can always come back later and edit anything in your quotations quickly and export them in order to make a decent presentation to your fellow peers.

If you’re using sensitive company information on your story cards, you want a web application that is safe and reliable. Easy Backlog provides SSL access, which is something that every company must have on their websites. Their cloud servers easily meet demands and are quick to load and use. You may be asking yourself how much is this service worth compared to other programs like Excel, Word, Visio, etc. Easy Backlog will remain in beta and the access to the web application is currently limited.
However, you can try out Easy Backlog by adding your email and your company name. This doesn’t guarantee that you will be using Easy Backlog instantly, since they have a limited amount of users at the moment. However, once they do have some spaces available, they will allow more users into the application. The application is free to use and users can have unlimited features as well as unlimited back logs. In the future, only light users will have free access to Easy Backlog while companies and other big businesses will have to pay to access the application. You can also follow them on Twitter, which is great for new updates and news to see if you gain access to the web application. In the meantime, make sure to visit their webpage for introductory videos and screenshots of this web application along with detailed descriptions of new and upcoming features.

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