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” With your luck, the note cards may already be done for you! Same as My Homework Done, Easy notecards makes it easy for people to study. You can search from books, to previously done notecards and even get quizzed… ”

What else is great about Easy Notecards? Well, they do not charge anything since they are just starting out and it is a great way to try new things now that you have available technology such as computers or laptops. You can also create your own Notecards if you do not like the previously done ones. It is also a great way to save paper and index cards, which can be a long term expense. Another great thing about Easy Notecards is that the cards will never get lost, dirty or go out of order if you have them right on your laptop.

Registering on Easy Notecards takes about 30 seconds, just type in your email address and your password for Easy Notecards and you are set. When you sign in, a profile will appear where you can post a picture of yourself for others to see. This profile is called My Locker and it is located on the top right side of the screen. You can also view and tag notecards as your favorite and view them as soon as you sign in for faster results. The same applies to your favorite books and even your favorite members. You can view their notecards and add some input on the comment section below every notecard, which makes Easy Notecard a great option for teachers who want to share their material with others before presenting it in class.

You can also click on the link embed icon if you would like to share the notecards with somebody else or post it on your favorite social network such as Facebook or Twitter. Easy Notecards also has a Facebook and a Twitter profile to keep you updated on new implementations to their website. Whenever you view the other person’s profile, you have the option to add them as your favorite and check them out later to see if they have published other note cards.

Easy Notecards is not just about sharing ideas; it is a tool that applies to either students or teachers and facilitates group communication as well. Students can create projects via Easy Notecards and each member can view as well as share information through the website. The recent activity tab provides a summary of published note cards as well as added favorites, whether you are checking out your own activities or another teacher’s notes.

Teachers can also benefit from Easy Notecards by adding their co-workers and putting their heads together in order to improve teaching methods. Teachers could also post the notes shown in class so that parents can print them out. Easy Notecards is a website where you can easily navigate through your information. The page is colorful and it has great potential to become a great addition to school systems. A great addition that would make this page great is file sharing through their website in order to implement programs like Power Point and Word. In conclusion, Easy Notecards is a great website where you can improve your grades or your teaching methods.

Visit this site at http://www.easynotecards.com/ and post your reviews as comments.


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