EasyPPT- Making PowerPoint Presentations Easy and Powerful

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PowerPoint presentations are an excellent way of presenting data to a huge audience. Most strategies, new concepts and business plans are put forth in this manner. At times, it can be very disappointing when you carry your PPT on a pen drive or USB and the device controlling the big screen does not accept it due to incompatibility. What do you do then?

Now, you have a solution to this issue with the latest android app EasyPPT. This app does away with the need of having to log in to your email account or using a USB to get to your PPT. this task has been simplified for your convenience so as to avoid unnecessary hassled. EasyPPT for android phones make things so much easier. This app allows you to launch as well as to control your PPT from your own phone. This is not all. The app comes packed with an array of exciting features too.

With EasyPPT, the process of handling presentations is very basic. Transfer it on to your phone from your PC, open it on a screen of your choice and control it in your way. The app is comapatible with almost all Android devices. With this app, you can send your PPT to another computer and use its devices to control it while on the screen.

The newly updated User Interface and sharing options are truly splendid. The main specialty of the user interface is that it is very intuitive. Everything you can need to do is available at your fingertips. You are given the unique option of writing on your PPTs using a stylus or even your fingers. There are special pressure sensitivity features which enable you to write naturally and make as many additions as you wish. Varying the pressure of the pen gives you the tool to control the thickness of the line being drawn by you on the screen. You can click a photo with the app and watch as it wonderfully becomes a part of your presentation and is displayed on any big screen that is showing your presentation at that time.

If you are at a meeting and your computer is not close to you. Then you can connect to your computer via the app using its companion program. You are even allowed to log onto your PC and gain access to any presentation you desire. You can share and send presentations to anyone, and even edit them on a real time basis while showing a presentation or before doing so. To be able to do this, you are only required to be connected via a WiFi. With this available, you ca download PPT files right from your PC and send files from your phone to anyone.

As you turn pages in the app, you shall also see them turn on your screen. Synchronizing a PPT with a PC via an android device could not have been made simpler than this. Now, no more worries about handling PPTs as long as you have EasyPPT with you on your android device.

Good: Great options for sharing and connectivity

Bad: You are allowed to connect only over a particular WiFi network.

Worth Having Application – Download the Application


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