Easysendmail.com – Email marketing application

by | Jan 20, 2011 | Reviews | 0 comments

It is said that more users looking for an effective way to find service for implementing and track email campaigns which is both cost-effective. Hope this site has good savors which can assuage more than what you need. It is the browser-hosted platform which can handle creating an email marketing campaign, and determining how efficient.

The development process is utilized with using an online HTML editor which is intuitive, and uploads all the images you want to utilize as part of your campaign. The next step is to send the mails out as easy as cutting and pasting the email addresses from your database or any Excel file which you have.

You can see and experience the success of the whole campaign where it determines to view how many people did receive the mails or how many actually opened them and how many clicked on the links that were featured.

Visit this site at http://www.easysendmail.com and post your reviews as comments


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