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It is a common problem to find the right subtitles on internet for the required video. Sometimes, the subtitles are wrong i.e. of some other video and many other times, there are so many mistakes related to spelling or wrong abbreviation that the subtitles lead to no use. But with easy subtitles, some of your problems might get solved.

Just drop the video file for which you want to find the subtitles and there you have it. You can find subtitles in many different languages such as English, Spanish, Italian, Roman, etc. There are about 40416 total subtitles in all languages collectively. So, it provides a platform to search for all the subtitles rather to Google the name of the file and go for different options every time. Also, there are very rare mistakes which I found in the subtitles.

The easy subtitles application works on the hash system. The subtitles are named not by the name of the video but rather by the unique hash calculated by the API of the application. The different users upload the subtitles and they are the users themselves who download them. So, there is an exchange of subtitles from one person to another. When you search for the subtitles of a video, the API finds the best subtitle for that video out of the different subtitle files uploaded. Also, you cannot access all the files to find the one you have to find. To access, you should have the hash code of the required file which can be calculated by a simple algorithm. The user interface is quite easy and you can drop 20 videos at a time on the page.

The application is developed by SubDB , which is a free subtitle database. It provides subtitles for use by open source and non commercial software, which is quite exciting.

Although, the app is quite interesting and of great utility. But still, there were many points missing. We cannot access the subtitles by file names as they are not listed. So, we will have to drag the video every time for the specific video, rather than to download all the subtitles together in one step. Also, the stock of subtitle files is quite limited. Forty thousand is not a small stock for sure, but not a wide market when there are millions of videos being played around the world. I searched for Sintel by Blender Institute, which is one of the most popular videos around the world, but there were no subtitles found. So, it’s quite difficult for me to understand about what are the files present there.

Even if no subtitles were found, the application provides a simple way to notify the user via email or boxcar as soon as it becomes available, which I found very nice, specially for new tv show episodes.

So, on the whole, the idea is quite interesting and the app is very useful but could provide more to the users. Do check it out. Maybe, you could find something more.

Visit this site at http://easysubtitles.com/ and post your reviews as comments.


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