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How do you keep your memories? By capturing photographs or videos, saving moments on the cloud or by creating a photo book or an album so that you can watch them in the future? Everybody saves their memories in this way, but one way that everyone, not prefers is writing a diary! Some people write a diary every day for a year and make it very interesting by adding their special moments, there life’s ups and downs, etc. This way of keeping track of your memories is the best according to me because it’s totally safe and moreover you can read as well as imagine those past moments.

Writing a diary is good for your creativity and health as well. It makes you a disciplined person and more organised. It can help you to become a good writer in the future also. Diaries are usually written with your hands using a pen or a pencil, etc. But, today, I’m introducing you a unique way of writing a diary and it’s known as “Edge Diary”. For those, who have made writing as a part of their life, they can become more creative and techie using this app. Edge diary is a kind of digital diary which you can carry anywhere in the form of an application running on your mobile phone.

Edge Diary has been developed by Masatoshi Takahashi on Oct, 02, this year. The app is only available on the app Store for iOS devices. It requires its 10.1 or any later version of the OS and it’s compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

Edge diary is a diary application sticking to the classical operability. You can create a theme for your diary and start writing for a particular day. You can write anything you want in unlimited words and highlight the text also. The memory which you like the most can be added to your favorites list if you want them to add. Moreover, you can add photos related to the memories so that you get more intact with them when you watch them in the future. This app is very useful for the mature people. If you want to search a past memory, then you can easily and quickly search them using the search capabilities which include shortcuts or sticky notes also.

Edge diary will act the same a pocket diary for you which you can carry wherever you want. It’s very simple to use and don’t require any pen or paper to write. Whenever you feel about something and you have thoughts in your mind, just open Edge diary and write it down! It’s that simple! The graphics of the app are quite colorful and energetic which makes me to write again and again. So, I would say that Edge diary is worth to download!

Hurry up!  The app is available on the app store for free!

Pros: classical diary application; easy to use and manage; like a pocket diary; brilliant graphics; favorites option; search capabilities; no use of pen or paper; free. 

Cons: none.
I will give this app 4.7 out of 5 stars.
Worth Having App – Download the App


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