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It is an e-learning platform and a knowledge base social network connecting the learners with International subject matters. The learners can find newly created lessons by global experts. It helps the tutors who can develop lessons and earn handsome money.

You can search lessons or tutorials by text, graphics, download files, presentation or video developed by global experts on your favorite subject. Generally you find many courses which are being treated as curriculum or set of lessons. So you can join course and interact one-on-one with course members and authors.

This site provides you to sell enriched knowledge. You can create lessons and courses, also offer a lesson for free to market your expertise. There is opportunity to sell it at any price and earn money. You can ask a question to edhii experts so that they respond with you a lesson or tutorial. This site follows perfect example of famous quote like “If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it”.

Quick Review of Edhii.com

  1. An E-learning platform and a knowledge base.
  2. It helps the tutors who can develop lessons and earn handsome money.
  3. Will this site compete with other strong knowledge base sites?

Visit this site at http://www.edhii.com/ and post your reviews as comments


  1. Laura

    It’s a great website! One thing that I really like about edhii is that you can sell your lessons at whatever price you want and you only pay when your lessons are sold. Most of the other sites seem to charge a monthly fee or some fee to create a lesson or pay the expert a monthly rate.

    Good job! I have created my account and will soon be selling my tutorials here!

    • Web App Rater

      WebAppRater Feel glad that you liked our Review. Hope you come soon again !


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