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Intellectual property theft and digital piracy is becoming increasingly common these days, threatening the survival of many eBook publishers and also its authors. Many companies are spending huge sums of money to protect their copyright and regulate the purchase of their eBooks and other products through their online portals. EditionGuard is a web app which allows you to manage your privacy issues and threats with help of the Digital Rights Management (DRM) service offered by this website. The website intends to protect the rights of the eBook publishers in a cost effective manner which requires very less investment. EditionGuard has been designed based on the industry standards set of the Adobe Content Server making this more secure and extremely safe to use. The services offered by this web app are compatible with different API’s (Application Platform Interface) and can be directly incorporated into your sales platform.

How it Works?

The first step is to log into their website and create an account by giving your basic details such as your full name, email address and a password. You can now add your eBooks by uploading them through the eBook management interface just by clicking on the add eBook option. Enter the Title, Publisher and Author fields in the form and upload it by selecting the format to be uploaded i.e., PDF or ePub file. Next you have to authorize the eBook download; here you will create a link through which the buyers can download their purchases. The EditionGuard encrypts the eBook which has been uploaded by using one of the latest encryption algorithms, the eBook will be stored in a data vault which has been encrypted with full access to the publishers of the eBook. Now the buyers will be able to download their purchases where their purchases are automatically authenticated by severs of EdtionGuard. The services offered by the website are supported by the wide variety of eBook readers that are available in the market which makes it extremely compatible and useful.


  • The encryption created according to the industry standard makes the eBooks published more safe and secure.
  • Easy to use interface for the administrators helps users to easily manage and effectively organize their eBooks. The administrators can easily update, add and delete the items at ease.
  • The website offers a free 30 day trial. The users can purchase any one of the different packages offered by the website to continue their services as per their requirements and demands.
  • The customer care and the support services offered by the website help in ensuring customer satisfaction at all times.
  • Another useful reporting feature provided by the web app helps the users to generate detailed reports to track their purchases, sales, usage and other useful information.


EditionGard is a very useful interface for those who want to secure their digital publishing in a cost effective manner. You can easily integrate it with your website and start selling your eBooks in a short duration of time.

Good: Very useful interface at affordable cost

Bad: Tracking setup is quite technical

Visit this site at http://www.editionguard.com/ and post your reviews as comments.


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