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An interesting new game has come on the Apple iPhone market. This game pokes fun at today’s society, and adds a comical spin on it. Vanity observed through mounds of selfies, feeling sharing and location updates has brought life to this quirky game where a simple swiping action is provided with loads of entertaining stories and adorable characters.

The story line follows the four characters that appear to the player in the shape of melons, which represent each of the four elements of fire, earth, air and water. It is explained that this has become of the human race in order to punish us for our vain and self-centered ways displayed on social media and networks across the globe. This aspect of the game is particularly entertaining when playing it, as it is an ironic reminder of my own actions, such as the recent selfie I posted on Facebook or Instagram. For me the elements can represent the symbol of going back to basics and remembering what makes the world go round. At the same time, playing a game on your iPhone merely adds to its irony.

The objective of the game is quite simple, yet increases with difficulty and pace as you go along. The four elemelon characters appear on your screen and the player must perform the action of swiping them in the correct direction. This is governed by the four corresponding color walls to the sides, the top as well as the bottom of your screen. As the game progresses, the rate at which the elemelons appear increases in speed as well as in numbers. When it continues further into the game the color walls rotate and switch sides at a moment’s notice, building the excitement even more!

The aim of the game is thus to save the elemelons from their demise. The fun is poked further with the sentiment that the world has been turned this way due to the loss of meaning, perhaps like swiping element shaped melons into walls on an electronic device? This is such a fun way to pass the time, and provides a philosophical twist to get your mind working.

Many people rate this game highly, and prefer it to other simple games which have been available to us technology users. It has even been described as a great way to practice your swiping skills for those who are having trouble letting go of their physical keyboard. It is also commended for its high quality graphics and effects. The app offers you in-game purchases if you become truly grabbed by the excitement, and allows you to play further and with more features and replays.

This social commentary game provides an alternative to the many game apps which have turned time-passing activities into addictions. The nature of this game also offers special features which only prove all the more addicting. The arcade-like score board platform allows us to compete with other players while enabling us to compare our scores to theirs, and constantly drive its players to beat the existing high scores on the board. Some limitations are pointed out by players who yearn for more action in a game, putting a negative light on its simplicity. Although it doesn’t progress to other modes, this game progresses your adrenaline and critical thinking, providing you with the optimum entertainment.

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